Seton Hill University Top Questions

Describe the students at Seton Hill University.


Everyone here is extremely friendly! It is a small school so everyone gets to know each other. Most call each other by name. It's a very awesome environment!


My classmates are diverse, friendly, intellegent, and motivating.


My classmates are a very academically diverse group of fun, well-rounded and positive people. I have not met one person I did not find interesting or likeable.


My classmates are pretty unorganized and uninterested in school. They also are very imature and their priorities are never in the right place. Too many of them are more concerned with doing drugs than school work.


Bright, artistic, and fun.


My classmates are very friendly and a few have become some of my very good friends.


Many of my classmates are studious, hardworking, and dedicated to their studies while being upbeat, fun people.


My classmates acre considerate and helpful.


My classmates are very "clicky" and most tend to stay with the friends they've had since freshman year, or the people on their sport's teams.


Each has his or her own individual goals but is willing to help others achieve theirs.