Seton Hill University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Seton Hill University?


Seton Hill University is a school that invites all to attend, but those who are friendly, outgoing, and energetic should seriously consider attending. Students should also be responsible, as well as have a strong work ethic.


The kind of person that should attend Seton Hill, is someone who is dedicated and hardworking. Students must be eager to get an education, and they must be willing to broaden their horizon. People who attend like a warm and inviting enviornment; since Seton Hill is so small, everyone knows everyone each other, and everyone is friendly and helpful.


An academically driven individual who is dedicated to hard work. This school is a lot of work but I feel that it has payed off. Not only do the teachers manage to successfully teach their classes, but they manage to bond with their students. I have gained a much better understanding on the information provided in my classes now than I had at other schools previously.


If you prefer a small campus setting where your professor knows you and you're not just another face and number in a large lecture hall then this would be a good school for you. You actually learn and get to interact with your professors outside of class.


Someone who is looking for a well rounded education. If you want to develop fully as a person, Seton Hill will assist in the maturation of the full person.


A person who likes small class sizes, meeting different kinds of people from all over the world, and getting involed with clubs to better your experience.


Someone who wants to get know their proffesors and classmates. SHU is an extremely friendly and open campus. My favorite part of campus is the atmosphere! Everyone loves the campus and what we have on campus. It is nice to be on top of this tiny little hill and have a close little family, but 2 seconds down the hill, you are in a little city with shops and stores everywhere. Also the city of Pitts is super close! If you want to feel like you belong and have a home away from home come to SHU!


ANY. There is no kind of person that would work well here; anyone could. We have students from all over the world, of all racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.


All kinds of people would benefit and get something from the SHU experience. Anyone that is willing to learn and take their education into their own hands.


Someone with a strong academically focused personality should attend this school. Also, they should be open to other religions, customs, and cultures otehr than their own.