Seton Hill University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing that i consider about my school is the the learning enviroment is great. The teachers work with you and also help you if you seems to be having any problems in class. I also like that there is not that much party life so therefore i can concentrate on my study better.


Seton Hill University is a Catholic school that focuses not only on academics but spirituality as well. You can receive a well rounded Liberal Arts education while developing your integrity at the same time. As an older student, I know how important this is in the real business world. It helps you become not only a smart business leader, but one that can be admired for their principles and judgment. Additionally, the smaller school setting lends itself to great interactive classes.


The best thing about Seton Hill is how much the professors care about you and want you to do well. If you are having any trouble in class they want you to ask for help and strive to do your best. I consider this the best thing because the number one reason you are in college is to do well in your classes and take as much from them as you possibly can and receive that education that will prepare you for the world.


The best thing aobut SHU is its friendly students and helpful professors.


The best thing about Seton Hill is the small class sizes and going to sporting events.


My school is diverse. We represent about 35 different states and 32 different countries. But everyone fits in!


I think the best thing about SHU is its student-professor relationships. The professors here are very concerned about their students' well-being and education, so the interaction is very unique and beneficial.