Sewanee-The University of the South Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Sewanee is a beautiful, friendly, and academically stimulating place to attend college.


My school is a small private university that grows on you once you spend about two years there. You will grow to like the small, quiet and nice campus. It is definitely not a place for someone who desires the excitement of citylife.


Sewanee is a place that fosters friendship and learning in a beautiful beautiful atmosphere.


School that balances schoolwork with having fun without sacrificing the true values of education, friendship, and motivation associated with all liberal arts colleges.


The accademically demanding course work will make you anticipate a relaxing vacation, but once you are away for a summer you long to be back on the mountain where nature blends with intellectual minds to create a stimulating balance of activities.


Sewanee is a close-knit, community-oriented small campus isolated on a rural mountain; its academic focus is not only on grades but also toward creating well-rounded, socially-conscious citizens with strong desires to serve their communities both locally and abroad.