Sewanee-The University of the South Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Sewanee is best know for its rigorous academics, a strong sense of community and history, and a generous alumni network.


Their beautiful campus, as well as the plesant community atmosphere and the teacher-student connections.


From my experience so far, Sewanee is known for being a small liberal arts college, with high academic standards for admission. Sewanee has an extensive varied study abroad program, with many internships available. Sewanee is steeped in traditions, such as the Order of the Gownsmen for academic achievement and the signing of the Honor Code for all students.


My school is best known for its beautiful, artistic campus, hiking trails, and outdoor activities.


Sewanee is best known for its beautiful campus and weekend fraternities and sororities' parties.


It is best known for its ties with the Episcopal Chrurch (hence the many Episcopalians), leading to a rather high percentage of middle-upper class white students. It is known as well for its "outdoorsy" setting. Once students attend, they also realize its great faculty involvement with students: students expect a close and personal relationship with their professors, and they get it. It's not uncommon to call a professor at home or to get a phone call from a professor. Many professors have the occasional dinner with students.