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Sewanee is extremely proud of its history and traditions. Some of the unique traditions include wearing academic gowns to class (the Order of the Gownsmen), the "passing hello", and the strictness of our academic and social Honor Code.


Sewanee has unique traditions, truly caring professors, beauitful gothic arcitecture, and thought provoking classroom experinces. It is situated on the Cumberland plateau in Southeastern Tennessee on 12,00 acres. No other school would have allowed me to have the opportunities to get involved that Sewanee has: outing program to borrow hiking, repelling, caving equipment; study aborad programs, volunteer organizations, encouragement to start my own community groups, shape school policies, join a Greek organization, play varsity, club and intramural sports. The University of the South is an undiscovered gem.


Check it out at Better yet, plan a campus visit!


The campus is unique with its wooded environment. It is a very small, close-knit community where the professors often develop close relationships with their students, and one in which you will meet your life-time friends.