Sewanee-The University of the South Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who love big cities and do not enjoy being in a rural town would not enjoy Sewanee. Those who do not like doing outdoor activities would probably also not enjoy the extra curricular activities that Sewanee has to offer. If shopping and stores are important to a person, Sewanee would not be the place to attend college.


A mor studious student should attend this school.The academic opportunities are amazing. It really sets the tone for your career path. You are trained to work almost anywhere and in any feild. However you must be able to adjust in enviornments where very little is assesible. You must have a car. The only thing you will do in your free time is drink or create a new type of social life.


one not motivated


Any person wanting to live in a fast-paced, urban environment would hate it on our campus. There isn't a city until an hour away in any direction. Also, minorities with strong and expressive cultural identities either learn to adapt to the environment or transfer to more ethnically diverse campuses in larger cities. Finally, anyone with a strong interest in a pre-professional major such as Pre-Law, Pre-Med, or Engineering should choose a less liberal arts-focused school .