Sewanee-The University of the South Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The small size of Sewanee allows for a lot of personal attention from the administration, insuring that know one is left behind at Sewanee, and the faculty. The average class has around 15 students in it, allowing for more attention from the professors.


Our school student/ teacher ratio is about 12:1. This is great for studies. This allows you to recieve a more one on one teaching enviornment. There is a better chance of meeting with your professors during non class time. But still remembering they are just as busy as other college professors. Class disscussions either suffer greatly or are the best because of the small class size. You also develop a great relationship between the other students who are in your major.




The smallness of the school is the greatest thing about Sewanee. I did not know at first if I would like that or not having gone to a small private school in Macon, but I ablsolutely love the small class sizes and the fact that you can get to know everybody , including the school president ! I have a real feeling of belonging, togetherness and sense of community that I have never felt before in my life .