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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear High school Bethany, It's your senior year, so here's a little advice concerning the next four years. I know that you have the academic part down, so just keep striving for that 4.0 and you'll be fine. When it comes to choosing a major, go to the career center on campus and take the personality test (this will emphasize what your strengths are). Also, don't be so nervous to think that you are locked into a major. You can change your major if you realize that there is another major that fits you or your future career choice better. During your first year, take a variety of GEs (General Education classes) to expose yourself to different fields of study. If you get lost or confused, Academic Advisors are helpful. In terms of social activities, take some P.E. classes and meet new people. The classes enhance your GPA, are fun physical activities, and are a great way to meet people and get exercise. Get out there kid. Overall, have fun, stay focused on graduating, commit yourself to doing something new everyday, and enjoy life! You'll do great! Love, Future Bethany


I hope I knew more about what the "technicalities" were concerning college academics, such as accredibility, electives, expectation, and degrees. I wish I would have took the time to prepare for college life. I don't mean doing well at my school work, getting good grades, and disciplining myself to be motivated and organized, which I did during my high school years. Instead, what I mean is that I wish I knew that being a homeschooler that I could have got some credits knocked off at a community college, which would have counted both for high school and college credits. I wish I worked during my high school years so that I could save enough to pay for what financial aid (government and school aid) does not pay for my school. Also, I didn't include book, food, and other living costs along with school costs, which add up. I would love to have my school bills settled and all I had to worry about was food and other necessities that are not school related.

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