Shasta College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Being in college is so much better than high school in the sense that everybody around you actually WANTS to be there.


My classmates come from a varied background, from different cultures, all with vision and a plan of succeeding at life, no matter what the cost might be; never forgeting, of course the respect, perseverance and humbleness that is required to archieve such goals.


My calssmate are creative, inventive, eager to learn, and fun to learn with and from.


My classmates are very driven towards their educational and professional goals and are an inspiration to me in many ways.


Well each class that you have is different, it's a different set of people for every class that you have, but I would have to say that if I were to describe my classmates, I would describe them as, classic because you have at least one person of the sterotype group in your class that everyone know of that cliche, and I think it's actually very cool, because if we had the same type of stereotype in every class, the class would get very boring, so I like the diversity of my classmates.


When I brag about Shasta, I focus on two points. The first is that it is cheap. I have taken 50 units at Shasta for around $1000. Second, the counselors have made it very easy for to learn at my own pac.e. Last semester I completed 23 units with the full support of the school.