Shasta College Top Questions

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My school is unique because it is alot smaller then other school so I am able to get more attention from my teachers to do better in the classes that I take. My school also has a dosen't Theater and Music Building, which I love. Shasta College is very flexible in all of my needs.


shasta college is unique for its teacher availablity, it seems to me that the teachers and coaches are almostalways available for students and willing to help. i find this a respectable neccessity.


I think Shasta college has a lot of programs and facilities for students. There are a lot of coucelors for students who want to transfer, nursing center for people who want to get medical service, employement center for people who need to get a job. Shasta college has nice and so peaceful view. There are turkeys walking around the campus, sometimes you can see even deers if you have a luck.