Shasta College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I feel that the staff, expecially in the counseling area, get swamped a little too much. I felt like the counselors weren't able to devote the time that was appropriate enough to ensure student sucess.


The admissions office is very busy and always feels understaffed. The counselers are very little help when it comes to actually applying the appropriate classes to a given major. The funding for the agricultural department was cut so most of the classes are taught by one teacher. Unfortunatlly that teacher isn't very helpful.


The campus is very creepy at night. Beyond that, it is a nice school that has unfortunatly had to cut a lot of classes due to funding issues.


The worst thing about Shasta college are the students who smoke anywhere on the campus , not in the designated smoking areas.


I consider the promotion of our activities to be the worst thing about my school. My friends and I never know when a home game is being played, or if we have any other activities even existing on campus.