Shasta College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


ENJOY HIGH SCHOOL. College is great, it is truly a beautiful experience. That being said, life moves so much faster when you get out of high school. I've seen friends thrown in prison, pregnancies, marriages, about every shade of good and bad. Heck, I was even accused by the police of stealing a car and crashing it the other night. Granted, I didn't do it, but the point is that you are alone in it. It all falls on you to truly take care of yourself, you don't have anything to fall back on anymore.


As a high school senior I was a little lost in trying to find the right school for me. I made the decision to attend a jr. college to save money and give myself time to think about what I really wanted to do, and where I wanted to go. Looking back now I have several key things that I would tell myself to help with college succes. The first thing would be that it is okay to attend a jr. college. I used to think less of myself because I didn't go away to a prestigious school and it affected my personal morale. I would also tell myself to start scheduling in study time so when I got to college I would already be in the habit of setting time aside for academics. Finally I would tell myself to really think about what I wanted to do and not what other peopple thought I should do. I have spent too much time allowing others to affect my decisions and I realize now that you won't be fully satisfied with your experience if it wasn't what you chose for yourself.


Keep strong, don't give up. Cliche? I know, but really what else was there to say to me? High school, Middle School, all the schools were a literal nightmare. I remeber one day sitting in a ditch and kids just throwing giant rocks at me, the size of my head, and all because I was different, and the reason I was different? I have been diagnosed with Autism. That's hardly an excuse, but a gift. I can see things in ways no one has imagined, my world is a fantasy compared to others, I wouldn't trade it, ever. You asked for originality in this statement, I will tell you this, if everyone knew everything then nothing would be original. To put it precisley, originality is based off the knowledge of the reader. If the reader has read or written something like what is stated then the document in question is no longer original, for instance, this pice is original to me, but to you the first 100 and some words may seem cliche and like a cry for help. I am Autistic. However it is not me, I am David Francis Tucker the second, my fathers son.


Considering that I am now fifty-five years of age and making a career change, I have given many younger people my view on this very subject! I would advise myself to go to college while I am still young before having a family, and getting caught-up in everyday life, having a career that I am not satisfied with. I would tell myself about the benefits of college and the demand for higher education being most important to my future. The message to me would be that it is more difficult to make a transition when you get older than when you are young! Trying to raise a family , work and go to school is not easy.


Unfortunately due to a unhealthy homelife, I never applied myself when I was in school. My main objective back then was to make my teachers lives as miserable as I felt inside. I wasnt until about six years ago that I discovered that I love to learn and seem to have an aptitude for education. My advise to myself would have been to really apply myself so that when I started college it wouldn't be such a hard transition. I have come to discover that its never too late to try something new, and I'm going for it. I take my education very seriously and failure is not an option at this point in my life. I take every day as a gift and never take anything for granted.


A turtle and a frog lived in a beautiful pond with many other creatures. Turtle would spend the day sunning on a log observing the goings-on, while Frog hopped about constantly working on preparations for winter. ?Frog,? said Turtle one day, ?why do you hop about so much? You?re always moving forward and you should just enjoy the sunshine.? ?Winter?s coming; I must be prepared and so too should you. I?ll relax after I?ve done some work.? Frog replied. Turtle just watched from his log, sunning, and saying to himself ?there will be time for all that preparation later; the sun would be a terrible thing to sacrifice.? Spring gave way to summer, and Turtle said to himself: ?sunning is too important to me right now?I still have fall to prepare.? Frog hopped about madly. No sooner had the leaves fallen winter was upon them. Frog hid deep in his well-stocked mud hole at the bottom of the pond. Turtle was unprepared and shivered, hungry until spring, regretting his choice to disregard Frog?s advice. Do nothing without regard to consequences; everyone is more or less master of their own fate.


Although many people around you have tried to descourage you from pursuing your lifetime dreams and goals, you must always remember that as long as you have decided on doing something, no circumstance or person can ever deprive you from following your dreams until the end. You have everything that is required to succeed in life. Perseverate, stay firm on your decisions and never stop believing in yourself. You have demonstrated that you can manage to overcome any language barriers to show the rest of the world, and yourself that if you just dare to believe, everything is possible. College has been your lifetime dream. After all, you already were the first member of your family to finish high school, and are now going into College. It's an archievement that will make you proud of yourself for the rest of your life, so, why be afraid of it?? Face any difficulties you may encounter with joy and don't let past mistakes influence your present life. Remember that life is full of risks and obstacles, and that only those with the courage to face them are the ones that will make a change in the world one day. Believe.


I would tell myself, don't think you know how the world works until you step out into it. Don't assume that the work or work load is going to be as easy as high school. Don't be scared to speak up in class, be proud that you are intelligent. Let your creativity flow and take criticizim well. Let go don't be so serious and make new friends. Work hard and never let your dreams fade away.


I would tell myself to make sure I chose an accredited school. Also that its hard to start over once you have already established a life routine.


The most valuable advice I would share with myself would be to really think about what I want to do with my life. Figure it out as best you can before enrolling in classes, and once you find what your heart desires as a career choice, do everything in your power to get first hand experience with that career through college courses. get ahead of the game!


The advice that I would give myself would be endless however a few main words of advice would be: 1) Listen to my parents; 2) make a list of goals both short term and long term goals 3) be disciplined. My parents have lived their life far beyond the years that I have and in those years they have gained valuable experience and knowledge which has enabled them to be the insightful, caring, loving and special people that they are. Let them know how much they mean to you, life is way too short not to; they love you and only want the best for you. Make short term and long term goals including strategies to acheive those goals. The sky is the limit and you are very capable of doing anything you set your mind to. Never give up. With great discipline in all that you do, any goal that you set for yourself will be accomplished; stay on the right track and you will continue to be blessed with amazing people and things in life. You're a wonderful person and are capable of so much; you are an inspiration to those around you. Keep it up!


If I were to go back in time, and give myself advice when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself, be bold, be daring, don't be afraid to take risks, it's your life now, your real life is starting now. Don't worry about the small things in life, because it's only going to stress you out more, and it won't be worth it. Spend time with your family and friends, because once you start your college life, and get a steady job going, you won't feel like you have a lot time left over, you feel there's no time left at all. Be cautious of your friends as you get ready to go out into the real world, because you'll see those who decide make unwise decisions that'll lead to unfortunate circumstances. Keep the memories of your close friends with you, and get ready to make more special memories, because that's what life is, making memories and living life. Live life the way you want to live it, because after all it's your life and no one elses.


The truth is I wouldn't change a thing about my senior year. All the difficult times were after I enrolled in community college. Given what I know now I wouldn't take any of those extra classes that I didn't need. I would have stayed with my two year plan and transferred to a UC campus immediately after that was complete. I wasted alot of time trying to transfer. Then when I finally managed to go to the University of my dreams, I botched it. I didn't apply myself enough. I shouldn't have tried to work and commute to see my husband. Now that I am back at community college and trying to transfer to a more affordable University, I feel like I wasted so much time. It is frustrating but I had the right idea in the beginning. Somehow life slowly creaps in and before you know it bills and work are knocking at the door. I would say now that I should have just taken out the student loans that I avoided for so long. Even though I tried to work and go to school it still can't pay for it.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take more responsibility for my college education. My mom did all of the work for me, and I did not realize or value how hard she had worked. She completed my applications to schools and for scholarships, and I simply signed on the dotted lines. Hats off to my mom, as she landed me a spot at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and with grants and scholarships to boot. Unfortunately I took it for granted and dropped out after the first year. It has been almost ten years, and I have now decided that I want to become a physical therapist. Since I do not have my mom to do the college legwork for me this time around, I am learning that I may have appreciated college more the first time if I had used my own blood, sweat, and tears to get there.


Communicate with those around you: parents, teachers, counselors, other students, whoever. You may not think it is a big transition, but it is. In high school you've got your parents yelling at you to get up, pushing you to go whether you want to or not, but in college it is all up to you. The professors don't care if you show or not; you're just hurting yourself if you don't. Still, most of the professors will work with you if you have a schedule problem or a familial problem or whatever else. Just remember that communication is the key. And don't forget to take advantage of the school's resources or the staff that runs them - it will help you in the long run. Stay on target and make sure you have an out if things get too stressful (i.e. music, friends, shopping, etc.). Take a breath and roll with the flow. :)


Save money.


I would tell myself: College is the best thing that I could get myself involved in. It will help me make a carrer for my future, and it is not hard to get into school. There are programs that would help me succed.


Knowing what I do now, I would advise myself not to waste time. During my junior year, I opted for the easy way out took CP English rather than AP English. Also, I choose not to study for the AP US History test. As a result, I wasted time in those classes when I could have been working harder and earning college credit. Yes, I was able to graduate by performing the way I did in these classes, but my GPA was not as high as it could have been because neither of these classes were weighted. Also, my junior year, I waited and waited to decide about college. I knew I wanted to go, but I was not of where. Before I know it, I had missed ACT and SAT tests, scholarship deadlines and even college application deadlines. I was forced to attend Shasta Community College because I was too late to attend the colleges I chose. On the brighter side, I will be graduating after just one year at the community. Although, I will admit it has a been a truly stressful time and I have had to work hard to keep things going.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior then I would say try your hardest in school. Just because it's your last year doesn;t mean you can start slacking off. Do the SAT and Acts so you can apply for 4 year colleges. Don't procrastinate on filling out college applications they are very important. Make sure you have all your credits done that are required to graduate and able to apply for UCs or CSUs. Fill out as many scholarships as you can and don't forget to fill out the financial aid form. College is everything. Go into college knowing what you want out of it and how it will affect your future. While doing the important stuff have fun while doing it buit not too much fun.


Dont take the semester off it might end up lasting longer than you think making it harder to get back into school. Take as many classes as you can without overloading yourself with homework as well as your job....also find a better job. Get the best grades you can and put out a decent effort it will pay off eventually.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself a few things about college preparedness. Firstly that it is more important than you think to take financial aid seriously, that even going to a community college is more costly than attending high school and to prepare fiscally would be beneficial. Also that taking advanced placement classes and completing the testing is not a waste of time, it can really make life a lot easier in the long run. I would also make sure I started thinking more about the kinds of classes I wanted to focus on and try to settle on possible majors before I sat down with a college councilor so it would be easier for them to help me find classes that were well suited for the path I want to take. Lastly I would remind myself or any, aspiring student for that matter, that school and learning can be a lot of fun but it is very important to take senior year as seriously as any other and not to slack off so you don?t have to cram at the last minute.


If I could go back to when I was in high school I would tell myself to find something that you like to do and go for it. Education is something that can never be taken away from you and without it you are going to be limited with what you can do. Set your dreams and dont let anything take that dream away from you. Make school your number one priority and dont let friends or a job or anything get in your way of achieveing what you want to accomplish. Make the best grades possible because those with the best grades get the best job offers, and or find jobs faster than those with not so good of grades. Dont get involved in the party life that so many college students get involved in that takes a toll on there success in college. You cant be partying until 3am and expect to get up at 9am and do good in class. Stay ahead with your studying and dont wait until the last minute to study for a test or do a project. Most important is believing in yourself.


As a high school senior I spent my senior year at the community college in a program called College Connection. I took my last two high school classes at the college, which were taught by the College Connection teachers. By being part of this program I was able to take college classes while still being in high school. I feel that that program really helped me transition into college because of the College Connection teachers help and guidance. Advice I would have given to myself would of been to take more general ed requirement classes during my first year and leaving more elective classes for my last semester at Shasta College.


Hold on to the friends you have and don't make a big deal out of anything that is, in reality, little. Develop your study skills and figure out how to divide your time now; so that, in the future, it will come naturally to you. Your goal to help the needy people around the world at the end of your adventure of becoming a business woman will be tough, and a lot of people will not understand it, but it is up to you to keep your focus. College is just like high school in many ways; just keep up the good work and don't allow others to distroy who you really are.


Roseanne, don't be in a hurry to get out of school. You're only focusing on the "now" part of life. Think ahead. Consider the automony and creative part of college. College is TOTALLY different; YOU CAN DO THIS! Follow your heart even if it means you go outside what is culturally expected of you and believe me, family ties and traditions will not fade they will be enhanced with your education. So what if no one else from your barrio is going to college, they will remember you at reunions. You've already made an impact on your family and friends, now it's time for you to take the next step and climb up the ladder of success. And don't worry, I've seen the future and "HE" will still be there for you, but the better you! Trust me, if you follow my advice, both your lives will be more prosperous, enlightened and stronger. I know you, I AM YOU, so let instinct be your guide, let the wind lift you and live life to the fullest because before you know it, you'll be an RN and have two beautiful daughters! Trust me.


The one thing i would tell myself would be to go out and experience different things regarding careers. In college i had a hard time trying to select a major and a career path. One of the reasons for that was my lack of knowledge. The fact that i had little to no experience in any one career was difficult.


Hey, I thought everything is going to be changed as soon as I graduate the high school. But I was wrong. The only thing that have changed is me. What I have learned from my high school life is the one thing. "Do your best wherever you are, whatever you are doing". Sometimes, I regret that I had not done my best in my high school. I wanted to hang out more, I wanted to sleep more just like what you are doing now. I should have slept less, I should have studied more. Everything is not going to be changed automatically. If you want change, you have to be changed. Once you are changed, everything is going to be changed automatically. So do your best while you can make any difference. The more you aged, the more difficult to make difference. This time is the best time you can make any difference for whole of your life.