Shasta College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


For one, I wish I would have tackled my education earlier in life so that I could have been well on my way to being more established in my career and be more financially stable. However, I am very pleased with this school and the program that I am in and would choose the same school if I had the choice again.


Shasta College may get a poor reputation for being a community college, but it is a great stepping stone for the transition from high school to a university, such as Davis, and allows students to earn their units for a general education at a more affordable price; there is no correlation between a community college and a a person that seeking only a minimal secondary education. The teachers at Shasta are very personable and easy to talk; they love their subject(s) and that makes their classes all the better.


Needed more guidance for pre-requisite classes.