Shasta College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The GIS and the music program there is amazing! The teachers, Dan Scollon and Ellen Southard, are geniuses of there skills. They have taught me so much already and I can't wait to go back next semester to learn more. All the teachers at the college are an inspiration to me. I learn so much from talking to them that High School barely compares. I am glad to be at this college, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


The school is beautiful and easy to navigate around the campus. In my opinion, the best thing about my school has been my professors. I have enjoyed all of them, and they are very knowledgable and helpful. If I needed help they always guided me in the right direction, whether it was through the counseling office or otherwise.


The one thing that's great about the school that I?m going to now, is that because of the low cost for classes per unit, is that it gives everyone a chance, no matter what your age is, it gives you that opportunity to go back and earn your AA degree, which I think is awesome, because it gives people a second chance, at getting that degree so many people want to earn.


The best thing I consider about my school is that it is one of the most inexpensive educations you will find. They do not skimp on quality learning, however, as I have had some of the most knowledgable teachers who are very involved and caring when it comes to your education.


It is a friendly school where not only the staff and faculty are helpful, but the students as well. All around great school, especially to get general studies out of the way before heading off to university.


The campus is nice and big without feeling like it takes a while to get anywhere. All of the teachers I have had experiance with are quite enjoyable.


The fact that it is close to my home. As well as the price for the level of education is pretty good. The Science and Math departments are one of the best on the area. For being a community college , Shasta has a lot to offer for students in Math and Science majors.