Shelton State Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There isn't anything really frustrating about Shelto State Community College. I am frustrated that I don't have transportation and often have to depend on others to get to school.


The issue that causes me the most frustration is that not all students are serious about their educations. Particularly because I attend a community college, there is sometimes a lack of respect of other students towards their own educations, as well as the myth that it is just glorified high school. Of course there are those who work so hard and have invested time, money and effort into being here. Basically, you can expect others to discount your education at a community college, but it is an important stepping stone, and is what you make it.


The computer labs and library do not have the funding that is needed to provide the students with adequate resources. The computers and software are out of date. There are not enough computers to meet the needs of the students and the layout is not functional. The staff in the library does not know how the software works.