Shenandoah University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I am enrolled in online program but they provide you with best support and you get your answers right away. Very helpful and supportive staff. Program is designed well and you can do it on your time. Lectures and slides for courses are very well organized and informative. Definitely would recommend for working pharmacist looking for Phram D. Enough students per team so its not overwhelming with group projects/assignment.


When I talk about Shenandoah University, I always find myself gushing about my professors. The professors at Shenandoah University are second to none. They are incredibly resourceful and always willing to help students. Their assistance is not limited to homework and understanding class material, it extends to listening and giving advice. And the best part about the professors is that they are genuine and really do want the best for their students. I know that I can ask for help without feeling ashamed or looked down upon, that's how special the professors at Shenandoah University are to their students.


Whenever I tell my friends about my school, I tell them about my professors. One of the reasons I choose Shenandoah University was because of the professors. They are extremely nice, and they want all of their students to succeed. I hear stories about some professors who are just their to get paid, but the professors here love their jobs and love seeing their students succeed. At Shenandoah University, the professors want to get to know every student on a personal level so they can help them succeed in life.


I brag that i get the one on one experience from my professors. I never feel like i can not go and talk to them about the problems i might be experiencing in their class. I also love the enviroment that i am surrounded by it is small like a highschool and everyone on campus knows everyone. I also like the location of my school it is very close to big cities and it reminds me of my hometown.


I am starting school in January, so I can't brag about anything yet. I did get a Bachelor's of Science from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and I loved the school. The one thing that everyone says when they talk about Miami is that the campus is absolutely gorgeous! Besides the amazing education, it is considered a a "public ivy" school, the campus is small and intimate. From what I do know of where I will be going in January is that I will have very small classes and the area is beautiful!


You get to know everyone since the schol is smaller. There is more one-on-one teaching since the classes are not packed with students.


I brag about how well I am doing in school and how proud I am of myself.


Great professors, and accessible facilities. Good people.


When I tell my friends about my school the thing I brag about most is how beautiful and pretty it is in Winchester and how I get more snow. I also brag about how you get to know everyone that goes there. It's a small school so you can practical get to know everyone around you.


The friendly people and the amout of art going on!


the talent


The excellent theatre program we have and our great facilities. It is also a small environment so it's easy to get around efficiently.