Shenandoah University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Shenandoah University is the cost. It is a lot of money, but provides you with great opportunities.


I consider the worst thing about my school being the tuition cost. It's hard for my family to pay because I have two younger siblings that also have to go through college and they should have the same privelages that I recieved when I was in high school and younger.


The worst thing at my school would be not being able to participate in campus activities on the main campus. Since, I am located on the Northern Campus, but for some reason we still share those same activity fees in tuition.


The worst thing about my school is that they put you on acedemic restriciton because of high school grades. I was put on acedemic restriction for my high school grades my first semester and tried anything to get off of it. They would not let me because they didnt believe I could do it. Now, currently, I am taking 17 credit hours and obtain a 3.58 GPA. I could do it.


The worst thing about my school is the division between the Conservatory and the rest of the students. The Conservatory students take almost all their classes in the two Conservatory buildings, and there isn't really much interaction between the two groups. Also, unfortunately as a result, the school is divided into the Conservatory students, the athletes, and if you don't fit in either, you're a bit stuck.


The worst thing about Shenandoah is probably the lack of things to do during the day or on the weekends. The campus is somewhat boring and because there usually aren't many activities going on we usually just sit in our dorms or go out and drink.


The worst part about Shenandoah University is their cafeteria food. They don't have much of a selection, and the quality of food isn't that great.


To be very honest i really don't consider anything to be the worst. the food is great, the dorms are very comfortable,and the people are wonderful. so i am very happy with my school.


It is VERY expensive, but in my opinion worth every penny.


The food. Even though my university is small, the dining hall should be spacious enough for all the students to eat at the same time. Also, the meal plans have specific times thet are good that does not work with some students schedules making it difficult to find time to eat.


Very competitive, all pre-professional studies are extremely competitive because of the large amount of students who apply into each program each year. Students who are accepted not only have very solid GPA but also show a great deal of involvment in the UIC community and extracurriclar activities and volunteer work. Such students have to be very devoted to their future and very focused on their studies. Also, students who are accepted into pre-professional graduate schools often times have close relationships with a few facualty members and have recieved excellent recommendation letter from their professors.


I feel like they are more concerned about money to run the University, than they are with the students who are paying the money to go there. For example: I majored in Music Theatre, and there were some students who were untalented, and had no future in the professional theatre world. They were never broken the news that they weren't cut out for performing, because their tuition paid for the budget of the Spring musical...


The campus empties out on weekend. There is an extremely poor amout of on campus activites.


the dance program. it wasn't as strong as i would have liked it to be


My advice for prospective students is to attend all classes. Also, take advantage of every opportunity to learn something new. Whether it be a weekend workshop or a University-sponsored lecture series. This will help you grow to be a smarter, more-resourceful citizen. Reach out to others who are struggling in courses that you do well in because you never know when you might be in there shoes.


The cafe food rarely has a good night where i leave with a full stomach, most times the food is gross and very unsatisfying. They recently built a new student center with a deli like thing called the gril. They provide food that is pretty good, but only have 4 chioces that count as a meal plan (equivalent to eating in the cafe). The rest you have to pay for, and it is very overpriced. I am a poor college student that can't even afford to eat at the one place on campus that has good food.


intracampus communication


The weekends around campus are very dead. I wish we had more events that went on and fun things for the students to get out of their rooms to do!