Shenandoah University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who cannot spare at least and hour of their day for school work. Who has no integrity since all exams are home no one to monitor you but they are not open book. People who cannot keep up with deadlines and cannot work with team/group.


Someone shouldn't attend this school if they want the huge college life. If you want classes with 200 people, a big football game every weekend, and you want to skate by unnoticed, Shenandoah isn't for you. You shouldn't attend if you don't want personal attention, and if you don't want artistic and cultural education.


I cannot imagine anyone not fitting in at Shenandoah University. I have seen people from all walks of life at the school and have never seen any problems.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is looking for a very large university with a huge population of graduate students teaching extreamely competitve classes. This school is for someone who is looking for a small, involved community where everyone you pass in the hall will know your name.


This school is very small-and so is Winchester. If you like being able to go out and find something to do immedialty its pretty hard to do here. Although there are a lot of things close by and many things offered at the school.


If you are not open to change and diversity dont attend this University


People that want to study in a big city setting.


If you're not self-motivated or need heavy competition to succeed.


A person who doesn't want to learn and be open-minded. A person who doesn't want to put in the effort or work to suceed. A person who just wants to party.


This university is a very close-knit community of students that are focused on their educations and aren't very involved with having a big social life since the number of students are small. There isn't much competition at the school in regards to the academics but a sense of encouragement between students and faculty. A person that doesn't feel the need to be involved and to grow with the students and faculty wouldn't have a good experience at Shenandoah University.


A wide variety of kids go here with a wide range of goals for the future, so anyone could potentially go here and fit in. Someone looking for a further education in almost any field from music profermance and acting to health professions and business. Looking to find themselves as a person and better their future.