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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell parents/students to try and have a plan before you enter college. It's ok if you're undecided, but it helps financially and mentally ro have an idea, that way you know what classes to take and you're on a track. Decide what type of campus setting and classroom setting you would be best in. Some people like large classes while others prefer a small class setting where students will get individual attention and professors personally know your name. Check out how much tuition is and what you can afford minus financial aid. Studying is very important in order to succeed but one should definitely try and be involved with campus activities and make sure to make friends! It makes the college experience more rewarding!


visit the campus


I applied to over 10 schools so I would have a lot of options when it came time to select my school. I believe that was the best choice because I had a few options rather than just having to go to the only school that accepted me. To make the most of your experience: just stay positive. While there have been some bad experiences in my college experience, there have also been many good ones. If you keep a positive attitude and realize you won't learn everything you need to know about life in your short four years here, just take the good experiences with you and treasure them, and discard the bad ones--learn from them and move on.


Don't waste your time filling out a 45 minute survey that's going to bug you with advertisements after you sign up.


When deciding what to study in college, it is important to take the time to research the different routes your education could take you upon graduation. Also bear in mind that something you are interested in at the beginning of your college career may not be the same at the end. It is better to take courses that will give you a strong base not only as a student but as a citizen, then you can discover new interests. Also, try not to lock yourself into a one-track career, but give yourself options to adapt to the economy as you grow older. I believe that undergraduate education is a way to expose your mind to new ways of thinking and new topics of interest and one?s graduate studies can let the student delve into a specific topic.


I don't believe there is a such thing as the "right college." There is a such thing as putting in all of your effort to succeed at a college that appeals to you the most; if you do that, you will be rewarded with a great experience and education. I do feel that taking multiple campus tours prior to deciding is necessary. Formulating important questions to ask current students of your prospective major and other majors is also in your best interest. Ask people around the community of the college what type of reputation the student body has as well. If you have hobbies or special interests, look into seeing if the area suits those. In my case, it's kayaking; and there are two rivers within 20 minutes of Shenandoah University. Once you're accepted, pretend like being a student is like being an employee to your professors; get the work done in a professional manner. You should aim to make it so that everything you do reflects your best.


Follow your heart, no matter what might be the issues. If you find a school that you fit perfectly into, do everything that you can to go to that school and be a part of it.


I would advise parents, that want to ensure the best environment for their child to receive as well as the best education and college experience, to travel and tour universities with their child first. Do some research prior to the visitations to make sure the curriculum of the specific major validates the needs of the child and then make the decision based on the size of the campus and the activities that are offered as well as the community of the location that surrounds the school. Some students tend to base their decisions on the biggest school and a school with a good visual impression before taking a look at their courses and the size of the classroom, so parents would be a significant help for finding a school that best suits the child. Students should take at least a semester to just focus on their studies to get the feel of the atmosphere of the college experiece before diving into activities, as well as asking students about activities and how to be involved, especially within their major to meet peers of the same interest and have fun outside of class.


When graduating high school you have to make a pretty important decision about what your going to do with your future; if your going to continue your education, what feild you would persue, where you would go, and how you're going to pay for it? It's a lot of questions but take them one at a time and think rationally. Remember everything works out in the end, you just need to put in the time and effort. Ask for advice and use the resources around you but keep in mind the decision are yours, no one knows better than you. It's your life. Go to school with an open mind and egerness to learn and explore the world; make connections and have your mind blown. Be willing to grow and change as a person. You are going to find new things that interest you and learn the most important life lessons. College is a great atmosphere away from the stress of living with family. You will learn how to balance everything and continue to have fun. College is the best time of our lives and there is no reason why you can not succeed.


College is a chance to explore the world and find out who you are and what you want to do with your life. Go to a well-rounded school that has many majors that interest you. Don't just take a tour of the school, meet students and teachers, and sit in on a class. The most important part about a school is not the food or the dorms, but the community: the students and teachers. Interesting classes and strong friendships will overcome any crummy food. Don't pick a school only because of its reputation, pick a school for how it makes you feel while you are there. You should feel it is a fit when it is the right school.


Finding a place where you feel comfortable and welcomed is equally as important as a school that is acedemically prestigious. It doesn't matter if it's a huge university in a major city, or a small college in a tight knit community, but finding your niche among that college scene is what will define your 4 years and what will ultimately be responsible for how much you get out of the experience. So, don't read into the brochure too much; talk to students, professors, and feel out the campus. Then, once you are there - get involved. Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom!


Don't make a choice in college based on where all your friends go. College is a time of self discovery that should be utilized to the fullest. The people you meet will affect your life and some will be friends forever.


Research schools!!! Visit your favorite on paper choices! Apply!


Picking the right college for you is not an easy process. The best advice I can give is to sit down and map out everything you feel you want to receive from your university. Whether or not you want to be involved in a large school with thousands of students or a small school with a more one-on-one basis. Try to decide on a field you want to study to make sure the school has your path. Finally, visit all of the colleges you have narrowed it down to because there is no better way to feel if you like it or not then to go there. You will more than likely get an intuition first thing when you visit of whether or not it is the school for you!!


Research it very far in advance. It is probaly the largest decision you will ever make in your life. It in a sense sets you up for life. So, if it is not enjoyable you will not have a good time!


My advice.... find a school that compliments your personality. If it seems right then that is probably your school.


The most important things in finding the right college is DON'T STRESS OUT and DON'T BE AFRAID. It is very scary to think that you will soon be leaving your home and friends and going to a place that is foreign to you. What makes it even scarier is that there will always be a level of uncertainty when choosing a school, because you won't completely know for sure if it's right for you until you experience it. My advice to you is TAKE not hesitate to shoot for your top choice, even if you think it is way beyond you. One of the worst things you can do is underestimate yourself. DO YOUR RESEARCH, as much as it reminds you of how hard the next step in your life is going to be, it'll be worth it when you find the place you believe to be right for you. Lastly...BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Remember, where you go to college is YOUR choice, and by striving to be real and to know yourself, that choice will benefit you for years to come. And don't forget to HAVE FUN and BE SAFE!


go to the college you want and feel good at .


Follow your heart and know that you can't dream too big.