Shenandoah University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school may be the low quality of food, because it is unhealthy for some individuals.


I am very satisfied with everything that my school provides and allows me to do. I chose this school because it was perfect for me. I had a termendous first year and could not imagine being at any other school. There isn't one thing that frustrates me or that I would change about Shenandoah University.


Being an older student returning to school, the most frustrating thing for me is to see how little the students right out of high school apprecaite the opportunity to even get a higher education. Most of the students in my classes don't complete their homework and don't study. They don't even pay attention in class. I can see most of them are texting during the lectures.


honsetly the only frustration would come from the student not getting his/her work done on time. there are so many chances to get the help one needs.


The most frustrating thing has the be the lack of food choice and the cost to attend this university. The food options are limited on the meal plan, and there is not always something that a student wants to eat. As for the cost tuition is high, and I know that I wish I was getting more money seeing as how I will be in great debt when I get out.


The administration is gives you the textbook example of 'the run around' whenever you have a question or a problem with anything (financial aid, add/dropping classes, housing, you name it...) they are SO difficult to work with.


The most frustrating thing about SU is that because my course load was so full and major oriented, I was not able to diversify my education as I would have liked.


The conservatory is so small that it is quite dramatic and everyone is always in everyone else's business. The attendance policies are also a bit strict.


Having to go around and around about financial aid, etc. That is probably at most schools though.


The advising process is horrid. We need a specific office concerned only with advising. Our advisors are our everyday teachers and they know squat about what their talking about.