Shenandoah University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I transferred to Shenandoah from a state school, and I wish I had been better prepared for the high level of course work offered by Shenandoah. I thrive in a competitive environment, and this was something Shenandoah was great for. Only thing is, the coursework I had already had in my major from another school was not up to snuff!


I wish I had known what a great opportunity work study was. I have met may nice adults and students working in my workstudy job. I almost did not sign up for it.


I wish I had known that it would be such a great place so I wouldn't be so worried about being lost in the crowd and advisors and teachers not having my best interests at heart.


I wish I had known more about where things were in Winchester though it was fun to drive around with friends and find new places to eat or shop. I wish I had known more people coming into the school. I only knew one other person who was coming here and no one else from my high school came to Shenandoah. The orientation over the summer before I moved in for the semester didn't help me meet many people. Everything worked out though and the people I've met here have been wonderful.


when we first moved in, it was still 90 degrees outside and the Air system was not up, so I was SWEATING ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT. I Wish Someone would Have told me to Bring in a Fan.


I wish I knew that it was really big into their sports and arts.


I think that the one thing I wish I would have really understood before going to Miami was the tuition. I mean I knew what it cost to go there, but it really does not hit you until you have to pay back the loans. The education and my memories there are priceless, but I wish I would have fully comprehended how much I was going to have to pay in the end. The school did not offer much financial help or scholarships, so it made it even harder.


I was extremely prepared before I came to Shenandoah University. Once I enrolled here, everyone was very helpful!


I wish I had known that there was not that much to do on the weekends and evenings. It is a small community.


I wish I had known that there was not alot of affordable activities to do on the weekends and around the town.


too small


A major. I decided my major when I started at Shenandoah. I wish I would've chosen before I came because they offer more than I realized.


I wish I would have had my career plan more layed out.


I wish that I would have known that the food wasn't as good as they tried to say it was, and that it is a little more intense then I thought it was.


Nothing really, I knew the basics and common sense of life and I came here with an open mind and attitude and it has helped me alot throughout the past 4 years.


How easy the transition was going to be from home to college . My parents worried for nothing and I'm very glad that I choose to this school Although they have made some improvement our food needs to get better.