Shepherd University-Shepherdstown Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Shepherd is a college that offers an excellent, affordable education because classes are taught by doctorate professors with real world experience and the student to teacher ratio is small.


Shepherd University is an institution that not only educates students in the areas of their course curriculums; however, encourages both students and faculty members to exhilaratingly participate in community service, curricular engagement, and outreach.


Shepherd University is a cozy, medium-small school with a fairly tightly-knit student body tucked seamlessly into historical, cute, and quirky Shepherdstown, West Virginia.


Shepherd University is a small school located in a beautiful small town where everyone knows your name; classes are small, professors are brilliant, and everybody wants to know how they can help you succeed.


Shepherd Unviersity is a very diverse and accepting educational esablishment in a small town community, which connects a historical town to modern education.


Shepherd University is the best college to attend to receive a worthwhile liberal arts education.


This is the small school with a big time educational experience and big fun.


It is a great small campus and everyone is friendly and helpful!


I call it the little Harvard by the River


It is a small, student-oriented school, but is lacking in funding for a proper learning experience, particularly in the sciences


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