Shepherd University-Shepherdstown Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the location of nearby Washington DC and high rate of employment after graduation.


My school is best known for our laidback attitude and liberal agendas. When we call ourselves a liberal arts school, we mean it. However, I am a transfer student from WVU and as much as I love Shepherd, WVU is more for me.


My school is best known for being very liberal, and passionate about equality, freedom of speech, and their right to be whatever they want to be.


Our school is best known for our education program. Shepherd just became an official university a few years ago. Before then, it was named Shepherd College and was strictly and education school. There are other programs such as art and nursing that have recently become well-known here as well. Another thing is our football team. We may not be in the best division, but at the moment we are in the semifinals to win our fourth national championship!


Shepherd is well known for its education program. The teaching staff are very friendly and they truely care about about their students. The small class sizes are also a plus.


Nice views


Our school is best known for our track and football teams.


Football and liberal arts


Shepherd University is known for its high academic standards and its excellant sports programs. All of shepherd's faculty are highy educated and knowlessgable in their field. The campus of Shepherd is very excessible and not too large. The town of Shepherdstown provides a home friendly type atmosphere. The arts program provides many events students can attend and enjoy. The various athletic programs provides students enjoytment throughout the week and expecially on the weekends. The other numerous student organizations will constantly keep you busy. There is a little something for everyone at Shepherd University.


A good division two football team and liberal arts programs and historic Shepherdstown!