Shepherd University-Shepherdstown Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I was a psych major. Do not attend Shepherd for psychology unless you want to enter experimental, neuroscience or cognitive psychology. If you want to be a counselor you're better off going with the socialwork program. Take your art and music classes with friends; they're class sizes in those groups for general studies start at 100+ students, you will struggle to stay in the class. Wilgoos was one of my most memorable professors; he's a baptist preacher teaching history, he knows his stuff and he will rip you apart if you disagree with him on anything. Take your english classes with ad-juncts or highly rated ones because some of them are so uptight YOUR ass will be aching. The college has very VERY low requirements, but don't depend on that to see your through, it's easy to slip up and then you fall through the cracks.