Shepherd University-Shepherdstown Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person to attend Shepherd University should be open to mny different personailities found on campus. Be able to handle the different weather climates and walking to class in five degree weather. You have to be the kind of person who apprciates a small town, and small classes that leave an easy learning enviroment. The kind of person who is open to join groups and attend the events that are always held on campus to begin to love your school even more and make remarkable friends. The type of person who dosent mind walking to and from campuses.


Any kind of student who is ready to work hard in their major. This chool is a fairly difficult one. Artistic people of all sorts will do well here as well. The arts here - especially the music program and the theater - really stand out.


Someone who likes small towns and wants a college experience where everyone knows each other. The school is also know for its liberal arts programs and has a good environmental studies program so if someone was planning on majoring in one of those areas Shepherd would be a good choice.


Shepherd University is a school for anybody interested in a small town atmosphere with lots of character, exciting Appalachian sports like white water rafting, biking, and hiking, and students who are dedicated to learning - not just remembering for the test.


There is no certain person who should attend our university because everyone is welcome. We welcome everyone equally and even have programs to support groups of people who tend to be non-traditional. Shepherd University's enviroment is fun and friendly.


A person who is outgoing, not afraid of being themselves, passionate about learning, and caring.


Dedicated individuals that wnat to succeed should attend Shepherd. People that are not afriad to join multiple campus organizations and who care about helping others, should definately choose this University.




A person who is ready to learn in an exciting environment from teacher who can offer a lot of experience should attend Shepherd University. Shepherd pushes you to far exceed any expextations you have of yourself. The Academic Support center is there for you if you should need any help. Both the staff and students are friendly and accepting. If you feel pasionate about what you want to be in life and have high goals for yourself, Shepherd University is a great place to be. The class sizes are not too big; therfore, teachers can provide rewarding hands on work.


A laid back individual who is broad-minded ready to experience a fast paced college education with a slow paced town living style.