Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe how Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania looks to someone who's never seen it.


The school is great for those who want a small scale college.


Shippensburg University was incredibly friendly and the best thing about it was the political science faculty.


Ship is a pretty good school the progtram keleps you on track while encouraging interaction with your classmates, the meal schedule is a little unorganized but the food is excelent and well worth the money, Ship has also just updated thier housing facilities so even the smallest room is a decent size for two students.


My school is very diverse and welcoming. It's accepting and full of plenty of activites and clubs to get involved in. Shippenburg University offers a lot and it's a wonderful experience.


Small but focused and friendly


I attended Reading High School in Reading Pa which is the large high school in Pa. The classes in high school had 40 or more students. I like Shippensburg University because of the size of the classes and the personal attention given by the professors.


My school is over-populated.


Overall I think that my university is as perfect as it gets, great professors, great students, not too big, not too small, i love it here!


I believe that my school is out to help their students succeed!


My school is a great one to look at if your intended major is education and the tuition is not expensive.