Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The school is great for those who want a small scale college.


Shippensburg University was incredibly friendly and the best thing about it was the political science faculty.


Ship is a pretty good school the progtram keleps you on track while encouraging interaction with your classmates, the meal schedule is a little unorganized but the food is excelent and well worth the money, Ship has also just updated thier housing facilities so even the smallest room is a decent size for two students.


My school is very diverse and welcoming. It's accepting and full of plenty of activites and clubs to get involved in. Shippenburg University offers a lot and it's a wonderful experience.


Small but focused and friendly


I attended Reading High School in Reading Pa which is the large high school in Pa. The classes in high school had 40 or more students. I like Shippensburg University because of the size of the classes and the personal attention given by the professors.


My school is over-populated.


Overall I think that my university is as perfect as it gets, great professors, great students, not too big, not too small, i love it here!


I believe that my school is out to help their students succeed!


My school is a great one to look at if your intended major is education and the tuition is not expensive.


My school is exactly what I was looking for. Not too big, not too small, with courses that I want.


Shippensburg is very friendly and most students are very friendly.


Shippensburg University is situated in a small town which contains many open minded students who are eager to learn from friendly, gifted professors, and where most everyone exists in harmony.


A rurally located school that has quite the accredited business college and elementary school located on campus, as well as maintaining a clean and comfortable learning environment.


A lot of fun.


Amazing: there are so many things to do to keep you busy and it doesn't have to be the typical drinking activities that most college students do.


Very small community surrounding it, likes to work and play as much as possible.


Rural, its a good school, but the surrounding area isn't what i'm used to so its a different experience. Very accomodating to new people however and they do attempt to make people feel at home the best that they can.


Shippensburg University is extremely community oriented, and provided quality education at a cost that is somewhat resonable.


Most bang for your buck, and a life-altering journey.


its the place to be when you want to get a good education


Ship is one of my favorite places to be; I love my friends, the campus is beautiful, and Ship is it.


It is a boring place that smells like cow poop most of the time.


It a friendly and warm and a fun place to be.


Fun, hard and enjoyable


Shippensburg University is just right for me!


Shippensburg University is a great choice for your education and many improvements are in the works.