Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe the students at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.


My classmates are all very nice and will help you with anything. People reach out to you so reach back and you will make friends fairly easily.


My classmates are social. The students are involved in the our class and are strongly engaged.


My class are unprediactable and very nonchalant during class.


Good students


The majority of them a white and then your occasional minorities.


A lot of my classmates come from rural settings where as I come from an urban setting. A lot of my classmates did not have a lot of interaction with people of race.


My Classmates are quite friendly, most of them listen well in class, and pay attention. Although there are always students that will participate in activities during class that they should not, a large amount of them are respectful of the professor. When one student misses a day of class, it is not very difficult for that student to get the missed work, the classmates are helpful when help is needed.


My current classmantes are unique. Everyone is different and it is always interesting to meet someone new. Today I met a fellow male student who is currently writing a book. The size of the campus allows me to meet someone new almost everyday and each morning I wake up and wonder what new and exciting collegue I could meet today.


My classmates come from all backgrounds and culturals and are all there for the same reasons I am.


Classmates I have had to interact with so far have been mostly friendly, though one of my goals is trying to make friends and it isn't working out.