Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

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It's a small school in a rural area. There's lots of farmland surrounding it, and it feels like home.


DO NOT ATTEND. Its awful there... they have to clean up their cesspool before its decent for good people to attend anymore.


Everything on campus is within a fifteen minutes walking distance. The scenary is always beautiful and there are plently of places to sit outside when it is warm.


Compared to the other colleges I considered Shippensburg had the newest facilities and the best teacher to student ratio. Personally I want all my professors to know me so that I would focus and not just be a girl who sits in the back. They also have nice dorm rooms and the people there all seemed nice and when I met them they were awesome.


Shippensburg is a great university located in a small town filled with people who care about each other. Strangers wave hello as you walk down the street and the outpour of love and support for the Shippensburg Raiders is never ending (especially come game day!). I chose Shippensburg due its proximity, but in the three years I spent there (I transferred from my community college), I found friends that have become my family and have found a career I am passionate about. Shippensburg will always be my home away from home!


the combination of food they put together. Its not like home !! But it is very interesting.


It's a fairly small school and the town is a warm, welcoming town and reminds me very much of my hometown. The students are very friendly and the professors are open and always willing to help anyone who needs it.


Shippensurg University is unique, because it has many majors to choose from.


The people that attend it!


I grew up in shippensburg. I like the involvement the college has with the community. I like the area. Shippensburg is a great school for Business Majors




It is not as large as some of my other choices (PSU and WCU) were and I have just as many activities to do and keep me busy. I love the people i've meet up here. I participate in Marching Band, Ultimate Frisbee, Christian Fellowship and Act V (theatre group) and I couldn't ask for better friends! I would not switch universities for the world!!


It's located in a beautiful, historic town close to a National Park with hiking trails and lakes.


The one thing that I would consider to be most unique about this school it it's dedication to hard work. There is much emphasis placed on doing well, academically, each and every year.


good opportunities for undergraduate research, the town smells like cow manure, most professors have doctorate degrees, professors are very focused and intelligent, but most teach at a lower level because the students are unmotivated and not very smart.


The students are very close with each other and almost everyone knows everyone else.


The classes here are accomidating to the students needs. The professors know who you are and you know who they are. The campus community is ready and willing to help with what ever needs to be done. They are an extremely approachable friendly group of people.. Advisors really have yout best interst at heart when talking about your future, and do no act as if they have somewhere better to be. Compared to other schools I have considered, Shippensburg feels right for me. It is like my home away from home.


What is unique about Shippensburg University is that even though everyone might not do well, everybody has the drive to do well. Everyone at this school has the drive to become what ever they want to. They may not be doing well because of problems of a normal college student like financial aid, help learning, or just too much for them.


From observing other schools, I've seen that Shippensburg's campus layout is more comforting than some other campuses. All of class buildings, dining halls, extra-curricular activities, etc. are all located within the vicinity and we do not have to walk through town to get where we need to be. I love this about the Shippensburg campus.


The small class sizes! I had a class last semester with only 4 people. The biggest class I have ever had was about thirty-five. In addition, there is an elementary school on campus. Being an elementary education major, that really appealed to me.