Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing about Shippensburg is the location. We are in a very rural area, and because of that, there is not much to do when things are not happening on campus. I think my college experience would be more fun if I had more places to visit off campus, because then I would not be bored on the weekends.


People don't take it seriously enough for the level of academics. Most students expect it to be just like high school and I wasn't paying for that.


I don't consider anything bad about my school. I'am fine with the education that i'am recieving. I like the atmsophere that I'm in I just wish that the campus with bigger with more fun things to do.


I really dislike the administration (at least most that I've dealt with). Sometimes I feel like they just don't listen nor do they care much about my personal education. For instance, they scheduled me for a class that I already have credit for. It makes me feel like they don't really pay attention and I don't appreciate it because as a paying student, I feel I deserve at least that much.


I consider the activities during the finals the worse thing about my school. The activities are a distrcation to the students because it gears them in playful mode while they should be focused on their studies.


The worst thing about my school is how the meal plan is for each student. I have a plan with 19 meals a week and if I wake up late, or miss a meal, then I cannot use it at a different time throughout the week. There is a smoothie store and a chicken wrap store on campus that I can use my meals at if I did not eat during the "scheduled meal time." I think that it is unfair that if I miss a meal then I am still charged for it and I cannot eat elsewhere.


I have no negative comments about my school.


Currently the school is renovating the student union building, the CUB. They have also been adding on to one of the arts buildings since I first transferred here in January. Right now the campus is covered with construction vehicles and dirt piles, which is a hassle because students can't take their usual shortcuts to class. When the renovations are finished, however, the improved building will definitely be a blessing.


The academic advisors and the financial advisors.


All the last minute run arounds. All the requirements I had to meet just to get in, allowing someone a chance at an education that they are paying for shouldn't be so difficult. Just the other day I had to take a competency test that was suppose to be given to us at the end of last semester to decide if we should still be in our major, talk about risking our classes.


The location because there are not many activities to do off campus since it is a small town. Other than that not much is bad at all.


I guess that as always, there are two sides to every story. I loved that Shippensburg was set in a small town for so many reasons, but at the same time, it had its drawbacks as well. I have always complained that in Hagerstown, my home town, there is nothing to do, but Shippensburg is by far, the smaller town. While it has grown considerably in size since the first day I set foot on campus, I would say at times the drawback of Ship is its small size.


As of right now, I consider our method in which we keep student academic records to be downright awful. Instead of collecting your class information, credits earned, and essentially your complete college profile in a way in which other schools (undergrad & grad) can easily understand and transfer/collect information , Ship has develeoped their own unique spreadsheet that makes the process ten times more difficult. This often results in credits not being transferred and frustration on both ends. We spend thousands of dollars to ensure that our academic profile is the way in which we have chosen to lead it.


It was very hard to get my advisor to understand where I was coming from.


The food I think is the worst thing. There is no variety.


The amount of smoking students.


I think the worst thing about my college is the lack of school pride throughout the whole year. Many people feel like they should not be there or do not want to be there.


The worst thing at school is the orientation program for transfer students because it really isn't helpful to get to know people.


Location. It is too far away from my home town.


In my two years experience at Shippensburg University I can say that most of my experiences have been nothing but positive. If I had to pick one thing that caused me the most displeasure, it would have to be the food which is provided on campus. Although there is plenty of it and meal plans are required for all who live on campus, it is not the most tasteful, and to me, it was a waste of my money. The dinning halls serve the same things over and over, and include leftovers consistently.


Most of the offices do not treat you like a human being. If you need help with financial aid or a bill or enrolling or dropping a course the people in that specific office do not help; in fact they usually make things harder and you leave angry. The financial aid office is the worst. They expect you to know absolutely everything and if you have a question they treat you like you are dumb.


The worst thing about my school is that it isn't close to home


I think there should be more businesses on campus. Gas stations actual restaurants and stores, maybe even a small grocery store.


There is not much to do in town or in the surrounding area at first. But hang in there and get to know Chambersburg, Carlisle, and local groups. Social networks go a long way.


Dining services, food quality.


there is nothing to do in town except drink and smoke


The worst thing about the school right now would be the non airconditioned dorm rooms. They are uncomfortable in the fall and spring semester but they are in the stages right not on fixing that problem with building all new dorms across that campus that will have private bathrooms and airconditioned rooms.


No hot chicks


The worst thing about my school is that there are not enough parking areas that are suitable for the students.


The parking tickets


Location, because it prevents some culture from entering the campus.


Scheduling, there usually aren't a lot of the same class to chose from and they often fill up quickly making it difficult to schedule the class. You schedule online so if a class closes you aren't able to schedule in the system and have to contact the department or professor in order to be added into the class if it's even possible.


Very small, students not very motivated, low standards, not challenging, small town, many folks from rural areas


The location


The students aren't pushed enough here. Professors put up with tardiness, rudeness and skipping class. Students here don't take work seriously and spend their time partying/socializing. Professors don't challenge students and often give easy work. Tests and papers are high school level and teaching styles are boring and simple.


The food, the cafeteria food is made in bulk and normally it is okay, but sometimes it can be gross


The students, most are nice and work hard at college but some don't seem to want to work or don't want to challenge themselves. Alot of these students party alot and end up staying for more then 4 years.


Some of the food staff are very rude. It's your job to give out the food don't complain and make huffy noises when we ask for food. Also my hall this year is very loud and I can never study in my room because of how loud it is.


Not much diversity at all. Apathy's pretty bad on campus as well.


The academic advising could be much better, as well as professor's attitudes overall. I feel as though much like the students of Ship, professors get involved with extra cirricular activities that eventually take priority over their classes.