Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania? Why?


I think the worst thing about Shippensburg is the location. We are in a very rural area, and because of that, there is not much to do when things are not happening on campus. I think my college experience would be more fun if I had more places to visit off campus, because then I would not be bored on the weekends.


People don't take it seriously enough for the level of academics. Most students expect it to be just like high school and I wasn't paying for that.


I don't consider anything bad about my school. I'am fine with the education that i'am recieving. I like the atmsophere that I'm in I just wish that the campus with bigger with more fun things to do.


I really dislike the administration (at least most that I've dealt with). Sometimes I feel like they just don't listen nor do they care much about my personal education. For instance, they scheduled me for a class that I already have credit for. It makes me feel like they don't really pay attention and I don't appreciate it because as a paying student, I feel I deserve at least that much.


I consider the activities during the finals the worse thing about my school. The activities are a distrcation to the students because it gears them in playful mode while they should be focused on their studies.


The worst thing about my school is how the meal plan is for each student. I have a plan with 19 meals a week and if I wake up late, or miss a meal, then I cannot use it at a different time throughout the week. There is a smoothie store and a chicken wrap store on campus that I can use my meals at if I did not eat during the "scheduled meal time." I think that it is unfair that if I miss a meal then I am still charged for it and I cannot eat elsewhere.


I have no negative comments about my school.


Currently the school is renovating the student union building, the CUB. They have also been adding on to one of the arts buildings since I first transferred here in January. Right now the campus is covered with construction vehicles and dirt piles, which is a hassle because students can't take their usual shortcuts to class. When the renovations are finished, however, the improved building will definitely be a blessing.


The academic advisors and the financial advisors.


All the last minute run arounds. All the requirements I had to meet just to get in, allowing someone a chance at an education that they are paying for shouldn't be so difficult. Just the other day I had to take a competency test that was suppose to be given to us at the end of last semester to decide if we should still be in our major, talk about risking our classes.