Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who should not attend Shippensburg University, is a person who only wants to party. You are paying a lot of money to come to this wonderful school, and if you plan on not attending classes, there is not point in you being here. You don't have to pay all that money to party. Shippensburg values the students who make a point of putting their acedemics first.


A person that shouldnt attend this school is someone who likes a big city because theres not much surrounding the college but theres still alot to do on campus so you stay busy!


Someone who is closed minded.


Becuase of Shippensburg's high variety of majors and internship programs it is an easy choice for anyone looking for a college. Also considering the staff does their best to put together low cost events to hlep make your stay at Ship something you will never forget. So the only person who shouldn't go to Ship is someone who doesn't like to interact with others or someone who can't find thier major at the school.


Theres really no set "type" of student that shouldn't consider Shippensburg, as both the social and less social, party goers and all-night essay writiers are found on campus. While the consensus is that Shippensburg is a "party school," there are still just as many students found in the Starbucks or the library with their books open at midnight, or in the study lounge at 4AM revising papers.


A person from a big major city, unless they like the rural life.




Anyone who is not self motivated and anyone who is not used to being totally independent.


I would not recommend this school for anyone who does not enjoy being a socially active student. Also, anyone who expects to be able to do well with putting little or no effort into classes will not be successful at this university.


Shippensburg University is a small school with huge pride within their school. Most of the students here seem to join many clubs or sports and are very dedicated to showing the community that they have a great school in their area. This school really does only deserve those students that are willing to work hard to improve the school and keep its good name moving across the nation as so many have already done. I feel that if a person does not have self pride and dedication they they should not be attending this school.


A person who should not attend this school would be someone who does not like living in a rural area. Also, this school is not for someone who likes warm temperatures all year long because there are four seasons in the region where Shippensburg University is located. A person who does not like to work hard should not attend this school as well.


Everyone should attend. Except there are a lot of complaints because it is being renovated but after it all gets finished it will be great.


There isn't really a kind of person that shouldn't attend. Like is stated above, anyone and everyone is accepted here at Ship and can feel comfortable. Everyone can find a place to fit in with all the different organizations and clubs on campus. Even shy and anti social students can easily find friends here.


Ship is an extremely diverse, multi-faceted university. If you are looking for something with more direction in your specific major, or looking ahead and choosing an academic program that ensures grad school entry, I would advise you to look elsewhere. Ship is a great school to create afoundation for your education, but leaves a lot to be desired when you wish to tweak and bend the curriculum to your choosing.


Do not attend this school if you feel uncomfortabel around different types of people. There are so many types of people on campus that you see something new every day.


Anyone that is looking for a very urban setting should stay away.


All people should attend this school there is a large variety of "types" of people everyone fits in.


People who love big cities.


someone that needs something to do all the time and cant sit still and just hang out with friends


If you are a big city person and dont like the country then shippensburg might not be the school for you. It is a beutiful small campus that is in the process of adding a few thousands students over the next few years. It does not offer a lot of graduate degrees as well so if you are looking for a school that you can do your undergrad and grad classes without transferring it might not be the place for you as well.


A person who is closed minded and doesnt want to meet people from different religions and ethnicities.


A person who likes the city and always needs something to do because everyone loves to party on the weekends. Shippensburg has nothing to do, but drink your problems away. If your smart you can get by with doing absolutely nothing and drink every night with your friends. If your not smart then you will fail out because of peer pressure.


Non-social, one that does not like to interact with a wide variety of people and companies


someone who isn't prepared to work their hardest to get to where they want to be later in life


Some one who expects a fast paced environment, should not come to the small town , cow country that is Shippensburg.


someone who likes big cities


A person looking to have fun while getting a good education


If you want a big school with big sports teams, Shippensburg University is not the place for you. If you are always on the go, constantly looking for something to do, you might want to consider somewhere else.


I don't believe there is any one type of person who shouldn't attend Shippensburg. Its a very accepting and goal oriented organization. There are many activities and clubs to help newer students meet their peers and get involved. Perhaps if you want a fast paced, city like atmosphere you would want to consider other options but the administrators here try very hard to provide students with extracurricular activities outside the classroom.