Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What should every freshman at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania know before they start?


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to study harder. I would tell myself to believe in the goals I had and to strive to be a better person. I would also tell myself to not worry what other people think. In college people do not worry about the same things people in high school do. If I knew I could be myself without being made fun of in college, I would have had a better experience in high school by not trying to fit in with people who did not have the same interests.


If i was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely of told myself to take high school more serious. I never took high school serious and now regret it big time because im unable to pay for college BUT if I was to keep my grades up maybe I could of got a scholarship from Shippensburg. The transition going to college really was not that bad since my high school was a college prep school, so they did everything they could to prepare us for college and honestly that really helped me.


I think I would tell myself that I should not worry so much about not being prepared enough for my classes. From what I am seeing now, my high school did an amazing job helping me to transition into college. I also would tell myself that it is best to be outgoing, because every other freshman is just as scared as you are. Most people are afraid because they don't know anyone yet, and with you being in the same position, it's easy to make friends. The last piece of advise I would give to myself is to try and stay in touch with everyone that you are leaving from home. Obviously college is a time to make new friends and start over, but it is really nice to know that you have people who care about you no matter where you are.


My advice to my high school self would be to stress less. I look back at my high school senior self and I was so stressed out about college. I was worried about finding friends and was worried about having good grades and mostly worried about money issues. For the most part, I have learned that stressing out about a lot of things gets me nowhere. Plus, the majority of the professors are really nice and very open to helping out the students with any problems. As for my GPA, there's no need to stress just work hard and pay attention to directions. Lastly, I would tell my high school self to stop worrying about money because I work hard at my job outside of school and our family is always there to help if I were to ever need it. College in gerneral creates stress but I would advice myself to stay away from it as much as possible becaue stressing out only makes college harder. I would also advice myself to try to go to more social events even though I would commute to school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would say "make the best of every moment you have because it disappears quickly and manage your time wisely." College life is supposed to be fun, but first starting you need to find what works for you! Learn to put academics before everything else, yet still make time for friends and yourself. Don't loose touch with fun just because you want a 4.0. It won't be easy at first but learn to manage both because academics will determine your future career, but the friends you make will stick with you for the rest of your life as well. Make the best of your time because it goes quickly then you step into the real world!


Hindsight always seems incredibly clear. Past mistakes begin to look as if they could have easily been avoided and missed opportunities incite such regret. If given the chance to give my high school senior self some advice I can assure I would have plenty of things to say. First, I would tell myself to apply to colleges that were reasonably priced because may end up wanting to continue on to graduate school someday. Second, I would advise myself to get into a routine early on in the first semester so that I could create magnificent time-management skills and become a more focused student. Additionally, I would tell myself to enjoy my time as an undergraduate and not take it too seriously because so long as the time and dedication are put forth it really is not as impossible as I might think as a high school student. Perhaps most importantly, I would stress the importance of maintaining a presence in second language courses. It was not until I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree that I realized just how significant fluency in Spanish would have been post-graduation.


Save up lot's of money for your text books.


The advice I would give myself had I known what I know now is to cherish the time with your friends. Once you go to college you literally start over without anyone. In high school friends were the base of all my days, and without them-it's difficult. All high schoolers should know that keeping in touch with your friends is key when you go off to college. They help bring you back down to earth.


I would tell myself to work hard and take more initiative in getting things done that needed to be done. Things that you want require effort, dreams are not simply handed to you. Dreams are made by the people who are willing to do anything in their power to go above and beond. Do whatever you can possibly do to make every dream possible a reality. Every dream can become a reality, but only if you are willing toi get ahead of the game and use every hour and every minute, every connection and every opportunity. You have the ability to become anything that you dream of. Do not slack, do not wait because dreams stay dreams unless you reach for them, you strive for them and you use every ounce of blood sweat and tears that you posses to accomplish every goal and every dream that you have. Never give up and never give in, the reality at the end of the day is if you never try you will never be. You will regret the dream or goal or opportunity that you never even tried to make reality. You make your future, and nobody else.


Knowing what I know now I'd give myself a lot of advice. I would let myself know that studying is key. I came to college with the mentality that I could get away without studying, yeah not true. I'd also tell myself to not let the partying get the best of me. Partying is fun but getting my work done should be my main priority. I can not emphasize enough how important actually going to class and paying attention is. I would also tell myself to have fun and make the best of my college career.