Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to study harder. I would tell myself to believe in the goals I had and to strive to be a better person. I would also tell myself to not worry what other people think. In college people do not worry about the same things people in high school do. If I knew I could be myself without being made fun of in college, I would have had a better experience in high school by not trying to fit in with people who did not have the same interests.


If i was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely of told myself to take high school more serious. I never took high school serious and now regret it big time because im unable to pay for college BUT if I was to keep my grades up maybe I could of got a scholarship from Shippensburg. The transition going to college really was not that bad since my high school was a college prep school, so they did everything they could to prepare us for college and honestly that really helped me.


I think I would tell myself that I should not worry so much about not being prepared enough for my classes. From what I am seeing now, my high school did an amazing job helping me to transition into college. I also would tell myself that it is best to be outgoing, because every other freshman is just as scared as you are. Most people are afraid because they don't know anyone yet, and with you being in the same position, it's easy to make friends. The last piece of advise I would give to myself is to try and stay in touch with everyone that you are leaving from home. Obviously college is a time to make new friends and start over, but it is really nice to know that you have people who care about you no matter where you are.


My advice to my high school self would be to stress less. I look back at my high school senior self and I was so stressed out about college. I was worried about finding friends and was worried about having good grades and mostly worried about money issues. For the most part, I have learned that stressing out about a lot of things gets me nowhere. Plus, the majority of the professors are really nice and very open to helping out the students with any problems. As for my GPA, there's no need to stress just work hard and pay attention to directions. Lastly, I would tell my high school self to stop worrying about money because I work hard at my job outside of school and our family is always there to help if I were to ever need it. College in gerneral creates stress but I would advice myself to stay away from it as much as possible becaue stressing out only makes college harder. I would also advice myself to try to go to more social events even though I would commute to school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would say "make the best of every moment you have because it disappears quickly and manage your time wisely." College life is supposed to be fun, but first starting you need to find what works for you! Learn to put academics before everything else, yet still make time for friends and yourself. Don't loose touch with fun just because you want a 4.0. It won't be easy at first but learn to manage both because academics will determine your future career, but the friends you make will stick with you for the rest of your life as well. Make the best of your time because it goes quickly then you step into the real world!


Hindsight always seems incredibly clear. Past mistakes begin to look as if they could have easily been avoided and missed opportunities incite such regret. If given the chance to give my high school senior self some advice I can assure I would have plenty of things to say. First, I would tell myself to apply to colleges that were reasonably priced because may end up wanting to continue on to graduate school someday. Second, I would advise myself to get into a routine early on in the first semester so that I could create magnificent time-management skills and become a more focused student. Additionally, I would tell myself to enjoy my time as an undergraduate and not take it too seriously because so long as the time and dedication are put forth it really is not as impossible as I might think as a high school student. Perhaps most importantly, I would stress the importance of maintaining a presence in second language courses. It was not until I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree that I realized just how significant fluency in Spanish would have been post-graduation.


Save up lot's of money for your text books.


The advice I would give myself had I known what I know now is to cherish the time with your friends. Once you go to college you literally start over without anyone. In high school friends were the base of all my days, and without them-it's difficult. All high schoolers should know that keeping in touch with your friends is key when you go off to college. They help bring you back down to earth.


I would tell myself to work hard and take more initiative in getting things done that needed to be done. Things that you want require effort, dreams are not simply handed to you. Dreams are made by the people who are willing to do anything in their power to go above and beond. Do whatever you can possibly do to make every dream possible a reality. Every dream can become a reality, but only if you are willing toi get ahead of the game and use every hour and every minute, every connection and every opportunity. You have the ability to become anything that you dream of. Do not slack, do not wait because dreams stay dreams unless you reach for them, you strive for them and you use every ounce of blood sweat and tears that you posses to accomplish every goal and every dream that you have. Never give up and never give in, the reality at the end of the day is if you never try you will never be. You will regret the dream or goal or opportunity that you never even tried to make reality. You make your future, and nobody else.


Knowing what I know now I'd give myself a lot of advice. I would let myself know that studying is key. I came to college with the mentality that I could get away without studying, yeah not true. I'd also tell myself to not let the partying get the best of me. Partying is fun but getting my work done should be my main priority. I can not emphasize enough how important actually going to class and paying attention is. I would also tell myself to have fun and make the best of my college career.


The first thing I would tell my high school self would be to hang on. Undoubtedly, the reason I acted out in high school was because I did not have a sense of direction. I think that many high school seniors expierience this . As American children, arguably the most common question we are asked is "what do you want to be when you grow up"? From the moment we learn to convey our thoughts through words, we are pressured to have our life together. The day I went to college orientation, I cried. I entered a room full of young people in business casual dress and I broke down. Although there are exceptions, many of the students in that room were hiding behind their slacks and blazers. I thought I saw ambition, but I actually saw people just as scared as me. I would tell myself to stop worrying and to just live; to enjoy every expeirience you are privileged enough to have. I would tell myself to take pride in your hard work; it is worth far more than the clothes you wear or your reputation. Finally, I would tell myself it's alright to be unsure; embrace it.


If I were to go back in time and speak to myself as a senior in high school, I would advise myself to study harder and to apply for as many scholarships as possible. I would tell myself to take high school more seriously, because the basic courses in high school are essential to the first year in college. I would answer the question I had asked myself the most when I was in my math classes, "when am I ever going to use this in life?" Here would be my answer, "you will use it in college, pay close attention!" Also, I would tell myself to be more responsible for my actions, because being in college teaches you to be punctual and responsible for your well being as a college student. Last, but not least, I would tell myself that I am capable of getting the grades and achieving my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse, so don't give up!


Hello Bre, It's me, Well its you only older. I know you and have come to tell you about our future. You are going to make many mistakes. You will be beaten, violated, manipulated, seduced and betrayed. You will hate, envy and you will be careless because you are ignorant. You will have vehicles, a home, friends and you will loose it all. You will be homeless, endure forceful men, misery, mental, and physical pain. As hard as you try to do better nothing will get better for you here. You will never see you father. Then you will have children and that will be our greatest accomplishment. You will realize that you have no right to waste your life and subjugate our children to follow in that cycle. This is your path, without this path you will not understand the severity of this message and our potential to be great. Your fuel for betterment will be your past and our children your future. Your environment is your worst enemy. Unless you leave everything behind, nothing will improve. What seems right is not but those wrongs find the greatest truth. I trust you will do well. Sincerely, Me


My first piece of advice to myself would be not to be afraid to go off to college, out of state wise. I can honestly say that was the one thing that I was most concerned about when deciding on what school to attend. What I found was that it actually helps you in so many ways to grown into the young adult that you’re beginning to become. Next I would make sure that I was involved in some kind of sport in college. Whether it is basketball, football, track or even the swim team if the college has one. It will give me a better opportunity to stay on top of my school work and also help me stay in shape. My last piece of advice to myself would be to apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible. Let’s face it, it’s free money and what college student couldn’t use that. I would also remind myself to have fun, go to parties, go to games and pep-rallies but make sure you put your business before pleasure. Or in other words your school work first because that is the real reason your there.


Dear Highschool me, Hey, it's you fromt the future. Right now you're probably going crazy trying to study for finals, get hours in at work, and getting ready to ship out to basic training. All i can say is don't sweat it. Right now you're worried about the wrong things. Stay focused on school but you need to get started finacing for college. It's a lot of paper work and trust me you're not going to want to do it when you get back from training in December. If you procrastonate too much you will be forced to pay late fees and you might not gett all the grants you would get if you started now. So get it in gear and start your fafsta now. You should also look into scholarships becuasae the military isn't going to cover as much of the bill as you thought. So just remember to stay calm and stay motivated and if you listen to my advice you'll be fine when you start college


If I could go back I would tell me that I would have taken harder Math and English courses instead of just the easier ones to receive the credit for them. I would also tell myself to start college sooner than later so that I could be in the workforce sooner. I would also tell myself to relax and study away from distractions.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE look more closely at your colleges! Just because a first impression goes well does NOT mean you will love the college forever! I know the campus was beautiful but you will HATE the school and end up withdrawing because you can't stand it up there. You WILL get homesick. Listen to your mother and stay close to home. Commute and save yourself a LOT of money, hassle, and loans in the end. Your mother knows better than you do. Also, living out of the dorms on your own will not fix every problem. You are better off commuting to Shippensburg. Please re-think your decision. Don't base your college choice on the pretty campus and easy application. And, you may not think you will want to change your major, but keep an open mind. Biology classes are much harder in college than you think they are.


Tiara you are a bright girl and an over acheiver. You need to learn to take your time and not be in a rush all the time. Don't be afraid to ask for help and swallowing your pride is not a bad thing at all. If you learn to swallow your pride then the obstacles you face and have to face will not be so dificult with help. These four years of your life go by so quickly so cherish the moments you have already.


I would give myself advice like when people actually talk about how time mangement is important to really take note on that. I would also give myself advice on deciding when it's best to be around friends and then when you just have to walk away and get your work done. At the end of the day it's about academics and education. Socializing and having friends come later on.


Even though you have a lot of friends that are going with you to this school, stay open to meeting new people and experiences. Sometimes events do not always follow "your" plan, but its okay there will always be a lesson to learn! Speaking of learning, no matter which school you attend, YOU are the one that makes the education successful. Take care of yourself and your school work first, there will be plenty of time for the social world and the two do not always have to be seperate. Exposure to so many new things will seem intimidating, just remember that it is intimidating for everyone and help is readily avaliable upon request. Above all, remember to love yourself!


It is hard to take advantage of time when we do not imagine how the future would be. I did a good job in high school; however, I could say to myself; focus, think about your future and do not question why you have to do the things you are doing. Take advantage of the time life is giving you and get the maximum result of what you doing. Life is only one and life without education it is just a waste of time. Learning everyday opens new doors, give you options about future, learning makes you powerful and unique and leaning helps you grow psychologically also it shapes your personality and give you the strength to fight obstacles and difficulties in life. The last thing I can say could be; be proud that you were offered education and with it, the possibility of make your future different and unique.


If I could go back to myself as a high school senior I would have told myself to try harder my senior year. I was lazy and I did not put my full effort into my work and looking back at it, I wish I would have. In many classes, I was sleeping and not paying attention to the teacher. Also, the classes I took were all college level difficulty, and I am retaking these classes again this semester. I wish I would have payed more attention to make my life easier now, when my grades really matter. Also, I would have told myself to save money more. Even though I do not go out and spend money at college, I wish that I had it there just in case I found something that I really wanted. Without having a comfortable amount in the bank, I have to think twice about spending any money.


I would tell myself to be open to meeting a variety of people. You never know what type of organization you may become involved with. College is tough and is a lot of work, but if you push yourself and form positive relationships with your classmates and professors, than you will succeed. College is not all about a party. It is good to have a social life, however, you are spending lots of money for your degree; don't mess it up! You will form friendships that will last a lifetime. You will find out who your "true friends" are and who will be there for you during your times of need. When it comes down to it, college really is the best 4 years of your life. Take it in.


By attending college I have learned to pay more attention to my studies. While skating by was always an option in high school, in college doing well means working hard. However, I have also learned that as a student, time to unwind is important too, whether through sports or time with friends, I have learned that the parable "man cannot live on bread alone" also applies to students trying to live on coffee and redbull. College has shown me that life is about balance, and striking the perfect balance between study and extracurricular activities, as well as social interaction is key to a successful college career.


I have gotten a great education thus far and friendships that I know will be in my life for awhile.


I have attained 4 degrees (BA, MS, MBA, DBA) as I have worked full-time and raised a family (and continue to work and raise a family), I have gained much empathy toward those students who continue on in their upper academic aspirations. As a current college professor , I have applied my own struggles (and continuous struggles) when discussing and inspiring life long learning and academics with students of all ages and background. Because of my diverse academics i.e., Psychology and Business, I have been able to launch my second career as an adjunct professor (with hopes of being hired on full time over the next year) at various colleges/universities due to the diverse academic background I built and continue to build on for myself. My past academic background and experience has given me the confidence needed to go one last time, the final step and achieve my Decorate in Philosophy with a PHD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. With this I will work both as a full time college professor and president of my own Industrial and Organizational Business Management consulting firm. I


Communication is key. Whether it is between students in a group project or between student and professor. I have learned that I need to always communicate with my professors. Especially if I am not doing well in their class, but I express my desire to excel, they will always work with me to help me better my grades. With out communication, I would not have gotten on the Dean's List in my freshman year. Without it, I would not have not have gotten the classes that I need in order to graduate in three and a half years. Communication closes the possibility for doubt. I have learned that when I am stuggling with anything, all I need to to is talk, and the problem can usually be sorted out. The best part is that communcation is a skill that is needed for my entire life, and by perfecting it now, in college, I will be ahead of the game when I get to the workplace.


College has been a lot of things for me: chaotic, stressful, lonely, and difficult. However, I can now say that college has also been extremely fun and a wonderful learning experience. I decided to attended college several hours away from my home, thinking only of how wonderful the freedom from my parents would be. I realized that being so far away was harder than I expected, though, and the bad attitude that I developed ruined the experience for me. After transferring closer, now only 3 hours away from home, I have had a much better experience. I definitely don't regret taking a chance, though. I followed my dream of leaving my hometown, and there are aspects that I really loved


Meeting people, trying new things, and being more independent, are some things that I have experienced. I have always been a shy person, but I never thought I would change that because it is one thing to say you want to do something and actually doing it. During my first year at Shippensburg I began to become more social as the clubs and social events that I entered helped me break through my shy shell. I had to learn to depend on myself and the resources at school for me to get by at college. I felt more dependant because I was relying on the money I made and doing things myself. While attending Shippensburg University my work ethic has increased to a new level because I had to balance a work study job, classes, homework, and some sort of social life. I believe that if I did not get this opportunity to go to Shippensburg University I would still be that shy girl who would just agree with someone so the conversation would be over. College has changed my life in many ways and I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to experience these changes.


I have gotten a lot from my college experience. I am a first generation American and college student and attending SU has helped me create valuable life experiences. I am part of our Student Senate as a representative for the Multicultural Student Association and I am the Treasurer to the Latino Student Organization. I am also part of an interest group (Organization of Women Looking for Sisterhood in Chi Upsilon Sigma) looking to bring a new Latin Sorority to campus. These opportunites have helped me strengthen my leadership skills and also create life long friendships. I am very content with the Business programs offered here and I believe I am receiving the best education possible. When I graduate I will be walking away with all of these great memories, experiences, friendships, skills and education. It has been valuable to attend SU because I know I will not have a problem finding a job afterwards because of all of these opportunites offered to me while here.


I have always loved school and college is no different. My mother wanted me to have the complete college experience by living in a dorm being away from home. The professors actually give one on one instruction when needed, coming from a large high school, the teachers limited their one on one time to students that needed extra help. Next year I am transferring from Shippensburg to Kutztown so I can be closer to home and work. I come home every 3 weeks to work part time at JC Penney, because I need the money and to keep my job for the summer. Next year, I will still be majoring in early education, but I think I will minor in special needs education.


I know that I have been able to learn a lot from college. College has given me a lot of experience. I know that I have always wanted to go to college because you have the opportunity to learn in life. I know that after you finish one course you are able to learn something new that you can take and apply to your daily life. I have taken so many courses in my career and I know that I can see the world different. I am able to understand that a good eduction helps a lot. You are able to understand people better. You can be able to understand how each human think most of the time. I know that I can say that life can be easier with some education because I am able to get a better job. I know that all the people around the world want to have an ideal job and education plays a really important part. I would like to continue with my education because it has helped me a lot. I can see the world different than without having some kind of education.


When I started my college experience as a high school senior, I was worried about how I would handle the college life, especially since I was younger than many other students. I learned very quickly that studying in college was much different, the tests are harder, and the teachers lecture differently. Studying in high school was much easier, one could cram for an exam, and extra credit was easy to obtain. In college, however, if you wait until the last minute to study, you will not do as well. Also, extra credit must be earned, and is infrequent. Tests in college are much harder, because they go into much more detail, and cover much more material. Professors in college are more difficult than those in high school. In college, the professors lecture assuming that you have already made yourself familiar with the material, while in high school, teachers taught it to you. Therefore, I have learned that in life, it is better to see everything as new, and more difficult, and not assume anything, because when one assumes that something is easy, and one waits until the last minute to perform it, it will be more difficult in the end.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school , I would advise myself to go with my first instinct. As a senior I was a successful, stand out football player and I began to get recruited to play at the college level. At the beginning I wished to attend Shippensburg and not play football. But the most interest i received, the more I wanted to play at the next level. So instead of going to Ship and not playing I decided to attend Delaware Valley College and play on the team there. After one week I hated being there and no longer wanted to play football. i did not like the distance between my home, family, and friends. Most of my friends at college were no where near me and I wished I was closer. I finished out the semester at DelVal and immediately transferred to Ship. I love it here at Ship and I wish I would have attended here originally. That would be my only advise to myself, if I i could go back in time.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior, I would make sure to tell myself that I shouldn't get too caught up in my love life. As a college freshman, I became involved with a guy and got too caught up in the relationship. I ended up quitting school. I was out for a whole year before I thought it was a good idea to go back. If I could tell myself anything, I would tell myslef to focaus on and school and worry about finding love later.




I would give myself a warning: college can be a place where essential (or what you think to be essential) parts of yourself get lost in new a slew of new identities, friends and directions. It's easy to lose sight of things that you really want and equally easy to gain other interests you might not have been sure of. I'd tell myself to think long and hard about the decisions and paths I would come to when leaving the security of high school. Will it be worth it to give up the drama club for the young Democrats? Should I study English (which makes me happy) or Business (which will be more marketable when job searching). My best piece of advice would be extremely cautionary. I'd tell myself to avoid snap decisions and do that which will make me happy in the long run; if that means upsetting people along the way, then so be it. College is the time to find out what satisfies and inspires you, and life isn't worth living without passion and happiness.


I would tell myself to stay focused when I didnt want to, keep god first and stay away from negative people.


I would tell myself to come to college being more open-minded. That I should try to make as many friends as possible and to keep all doors open for opportunities. Also I would tell myself to take a more proactive approach to being successful in my classes and all other activities.


When I first started college, I went to a Community College in Maryland to get my associates. Now knowing what I know about school and learning I would have told myself to work hard and don't be scared of the world. There are people there to help guide you when you are on the wrong path. I value education more now than I did in high school. I wish I would have tried harder in my high school career to maybe have a high GPA. Overall, life is a learning experience, college is just another step that you need to be willing to take.


If I were to go back in time to give myself some advice on college I'd begin by letting myself know that there is nothing to worry about. Your senior year is high school has always been known as your fun and easy year but don't take it too easy, grades are still very important. When you get to college there are more people to meet than you think; make sure you get out there and meet them. The school is always willing to help and the people you meet are going to be willing to help, you just need to not act shy and get out there and ask for the help. Start saving up your money now, that will help relieve some stress from your first year and give you more time to focus on your school work. Other than that, there is not much else to know. Just remember the help is out there for you but you must go out and find the help. Keep your head up and continue working toward your goals and you will do just fine but don't forget to still have some fun.


Don't go for the EET associates degree. Find some other field to go into. Don't be afraid to even find some way to go to a four year college. That degree will end up being a waste because I never got a job with it. Don't let foreign languages be what scares you away from it either. In the end it would be benificial. To be honest I'd rather go back to my freshman or sophmore year and tell myself to take Spanish instead of French. Spanish would have been WAY more useful and I might have stuck with it and gotten the required credits for it to qualify to go to a University. Good Luck and we'd be better off in the future if I started learning to manage money early on.


I personally waited several years before returning to college. I would tell myself that attending college right after high school would be the best. That taking time off is just a waste and it would be better to just go and get my degree. I would also tell myself that attending classes and doing the work is a huge part of college. That when going to college you really have to put your best foot forward and work hard. It doesn't come easy but in the end it will be so worth it.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to better prepare for college. In highschool I would never ask for help, I would like to work out the situation on my own. But in college most of the time its even better to seek help when you do not understand something. I would also tell myself to try to learn on my own, read more and pay more attention to the college prepratory courses. I would have participated in more school activities and became an active member in my community. Those things would have also helped me greatly prepare for college. As well as make me more eligible for scholarships and grants which I need to help me pay for college.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college, I would tell myself that college is a lot different from high school. I would warn myself that I am going to have to work harder in college, but that it is also important to have fun as well. It is important to have a balance between work and play. Some relaxation is needed every now and then. I would also advise myself to try to make some friends, so I would not be lonely and grow socially. Another piece of advice I would give would be to get a job before starting college. It is much more difficult to get up enough will power to get a job after getting a heavy work load in college. Finally, I would advise myself to be willing to accept change and try to get involved in some activities or clubs at the university. The most important word of advice I would give would be to enjoy the ride and focus on a bright future.


The first words of advice I would give myself is make sure I pursue something that is truly my passion; something I know i will enjoy doing. You can't live your life for others because in the end you will end up regretting your decision. My passion is healthcare, more specifically nursing. I love taking care of people and making them happy. Along with that, I would aggresively pursue internships at hospitals to gain an upper leg on the profession including experience and some networking contacts. I would first go after federal aid of course but go to all different types of scholarship sites and apply as much as I can to increase my chances. But most of all in choosing any educational path, go for your dreams, your passion and pursue what you love.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself I would tell myself to get work done as soon as it is given. Learning how not to procrastinate and learning how to manage my time makes college work so much easier. And of course this was all learned freshman year.


If I were to go back in time and redo my senior year I would tell myself that college is an adventure that nothing and no one can prepare me for. In high school I didn't have to try and get good grades, I was one of those few lucky people were it all just fell into place for them. Whenever I finished high school, my senior year GPA was a 4.2, I thought I was the best and nothing could touch me. Wow, was I wrong. During the first semester in college I spent every waking minute studying and doing homework. I had a very rough time and it was very emotional for me. I ended my first semester of college with a GPA of a 2.79. It was a big wake up call to me, that I had to actually work for what I wanted this time. This has really opened my eyes and made me rethink on how I should be a better student. So, yes, I would love to go back in time and tell myself to be prepared, study and work harder. I know I can do better, and I will.


This question is not the hardest question for me because I currently have a younger sister who is in high school. The advice I have for her (and would give myself), is to be open and explore all the options out there. I love Shippensburg, but I do not think I gave other schools enough of a chance. I also think the best way to transition is to know that you can always come home no matter how far away or how close you are. However, that it really is important to cut some ties and make sure you step out on your own to learn more about yourself (and enjoy home more when you are there). And last make the time to go out and meet a lot of people, take chances, have fun, and work hard because regrets are something you should never have. I wouldn't change a thing about my past because then I wouldn't be me today. Taking each day as it comes is the best way to do it and learning from that day leads to great things. In general, be you, it is that simple.


The advice i would give to myself is that its harder than high school and you need to actually develop study skills. I know this because i went through it. I really never studied in high school because you didnt have to because it was just that easy and i took that mind set into college and i passed my classes but i passed them with low grades and i know that i can do better than what i did and i know how its just the matter of sitting down and making yourself study because you think that you will be fine with what you did and if you do just a little but you will only get a little bit out of it. so the message im trying to say is that you need to put in a lot more effort into college than you do high school.