Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Honestly, the only thing that ever gets frustrating is scheduling. The system is a little flawed and sometimes you can't get the classes you need/want, but I would guess that every school experiences that, especially big schools. That's it! Everything else is great.


The most frustrating thing is the class scheduling. Freshman are evry new to college courses and scheduling and they do not provide us with enough help or information to schedule our classes. It takes us long enough to understand the program, then we still have to find out which classes would be best for our major. When we finally get that together, we have only 24 hours to schedule our classes for next semester. If we need help, we dont have that much time to find it before our time is up.


Lack of parking.


My school doesn't offer on-campus housing to graduate students.


It is frustrating that it is hard to raise money or get the student body to participate in certain organizations or events. It is also frustrating that the faculty and staff will give you a run around if you need help.


I cannot pay for college and my parents and grandparents cannot help me. I hate looking around my campus at all the "renovations" they are making to relatively new buildings. I get really frustrated when I know people cannot afford to pay for college so the institution should do more to help their students and less to remodel buildings.


I'm not really frustrated with any aspect of Shippensburg, other than the lack of a decent theater/music major.


Some of the advisors aren't that great. My advisor didn't provide a whole let of help in graduating. I wish there would have been a review process for the advisors.


The run around that students get from administration. Also the amount of students that do not perform well academically but are allowed to continue to study at Shippensburg University; they can become a distraction to those are focused and dedicated to their education.


The farmland it is surrounded by, still it makes for good trips and there are many activities to do if one just searches for them.


Lack of foriegn languages available to study. Ship only offers Spanish, French, and German.


The most frustrating thing about SU is when you have multiple exams in the same week. Also the food is not healthy. Grilled chicken would be a great addition to the menu.




There is not enough advertisements about campus events for students.