Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I came to Shippensburg University, I wish I would have understood how much attention I would have to give my school work. If you want to go far in college, you have to want to. You have to be willing to put your school work above everything else to make it to where you want. But in the end it will be worth it.




I wish I would've known that high school doesn't really prepare you for the type of work that will be thrown at you in college. I also wish i would've known how to live more indepently.


I wish I knew more people and the different things to do on campus.


I wish I would have known that dropping classes had more severe consequences. I only dropped because I was also trying to work two jobs. I wish I would have known that working two jobs and going to school full time was nearly impossible.


Before I came to my school I wish I knew about a website that is specifically for my school that allows students to rate the professors. Students rate how effective the teacher is, how well the class is taught, and how easy it is. Also, a student post comments about the professor or talk about their experinece during that semester. If I would have known about this website, then I would have been more careful with the teacher that I chose because some of the teachers I have I am not happy with.


I wished to know how well their Biology program is, and how well the Pre-Optometry program ran. I also want to study abroad so I looked at that also.


I wish that I had known more about the individual programs, so that I would be able to better pick a minor, and sooner.


I wish that I would have known how loud the dorms got at night, when I would like to be sleeping. They tend to get pretty loud. I also would have liked to know what dorm to live in depending on the classes you are taking, or the major you are in. I also would have liked to know how to apply for scholarships before attending Shippensburg University as a senior in high school.


I wished I would have known about the surrounding areas of this school before I came. I also wished I did my research as far as academic goes, I cam in thinking it was going to be just like high school and was soon to see that it was completely different I was on my own and didnt have to be forced to go it was all up to me.


There is a great view of cows. Also the cow smell in the morning!


I wish that I would have known that there is ansolutely nothing to do in the area. The nearest mall or movie theater is 45 minutes away. Also, I wished I would have understood what being away from hom ewould mean for me, my family, and my boyfriend.


Playing football in college sucks.


How many opportunities it would give me.




How much work there would be in college


I wish I would have known that the cops are crazy and the town judge is not understanding on drinking with college students.


Lack of city-life, things to do


My major


That getting involved within the first year is important! The more involved you are the better your experience will be. The professors are willing to help you, and all you have to keep in mind is that "It never hurts to ask."


Which proffessors were better to take for certain classes.


I think I learned everything about it before I came


I don't think there is anything I missed before making my decision to come here. I was always intent on going to a big college like PSU. But once I came to Shippensburg on a tour, I absolutely LOVED it! It was totally me, even a bit like my hometown.


Not to give up just because something bad happened along the way. It's not the end of the world. Also, greeks are no where near how they are portrayed in the media.


pack less, go to class, get active


Freshmen year is easy, sophmore year is where the workload picks up. If I would have known that I would not have slacked the first part of my sophmore year.