Shoreline Community College Top Questions

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I think the most unique thing about this school is the number of international students that attend. I have been to numerous other colleges, but not have the emense influence of the Asian culture like Shoreline CC.


I really like the fact that my school has a well established sports program. Many small community Colleges do not have much a sports program at all. Maybe a basketball team here or there, but nothing really special. Shoreline, on the other hand, has a men's and women's soccer team, a jv and varsity tennis team and a softball team. This is important because I truly believe that exercise can enlighten a person's overall take on life and make it much easier to succeed.


The unique thing that made me pick SCC is the fact that they were the only AHIMA certified school for the program that I wanted. They also had my classes online which works best for me since I have a full time job.