Shorter University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


In unison we pray, learn, and grow with knowledge and faith my classmates are very well educated peers who are respectful and dedicated to the work given; there have been schools I have attened where I could not tolerate my peers, but Shorter students are truly there to fulfill their education expectations, and I can comfortably be myself and enjoy the company of others.


The majority of my classmates are working adults over the age of 28 who hold full time jobs and have families.


My classmates are fun-loving yet focused individuals who make the time in and outside of the classroom easier by coordinating group study sessions and social events.


Everyone knows everyone or is at least familiar with everyone. You will probably have everyone in at least 1 class in the time you're at Shorter.




Shorter College classmates are friendly and helpful in all areas whether it be with academics or social activities.


very focused, very well time managed, light hearted, witty


They are crazy and many of them complain about the professors not oding their jobs because they are not making the grades they want but the only reason is becuase they don't want to study or ask for help. Most people at Shorter ar very focused on their classes, but you always have the people who just don't care.