Shorter University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The class aren't hard for the most part, and the professors are amazing.


How Much fun i have working with my class mates and teacher , and how much i have learned




The school has a high reputation with the business world and has created many links to the fields that many students wish to go into.


the values, atmosphere, classes, finances,


I love to tell my friends about my professors and how I can talk to them just about any time I want to. I love not having to worry about when I will be able to make an appointment with them if I am having problems with something. And I can always get ahold of them. I also like to brag on my roommate. I just love her and don't know how I would've gotten this far without her!


Mainly, I love my teachers and professors - they all really care about me. Honestly, they are one of the few reasons I remain at Shorter College. They each take the time to understand me and figure out what I need out of life. Also, I have had an incredible experience with the Greek life and it has changed my life.


we can get ice cream when ever we want