Shorter University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any type of person should attend this school. God is relying on students to encourage everyone to be able to hear His word. This education establishment is for anyone.


A person who is looking for a good education should attend this school.


Anyone can attend this school, yet if you really are into the fine arts, then this is definitely the school for you, because we have a very strong fine arts program at Shorter. But like I said before, anyone can attend this school! Shorter makes it easy for students to transfer from high school to college and they make your first year here easy. The people are very nice, and anyone can make friendships that can last for a lifetime.


Any one who wants to better themselves and improve their life.


A person who cares about their future and their community. An individual who would like to go to go to a school where a family atmosphere would make them feel comfortable. A student who is more interested in their grades and education than a party atmosphere.


The kind of person that should attend this school? That person should be out going and ready to have fun learning. I also think that this is a wonderful school for working adult.


A person who is seeking a small, intimate atmosphere and individual attention from professors would love this school. They should also be friendly and eager to get involved as the extracurricular and social aspects of Shorter are what set it apart from other Universities. Though its not necessary, an individual who follows the Christian religion may feel more comfortable in the atmosphere due to the beliefs that Shorter was founded on. Ultimately, if you are friendly, driven, and looking for a small school with Christian values, Shorter will be your home away from home.


Anyone who is willinging to work hard at what they want to become in the long run.


People of all ethnic, racial, and social backgrounds attend Shorter College. Shorter is a place where a person from any background can fit in and thrive. The only requirement for what kind of person should attend SC is that one must be willing to take his/her studies seriously in order to succeed.


it really depends on whether they like structure


A person seeking a close-knit learning enviroment where you are name that oeioke in your related area know and not a number should attend Shorter College. We are talking like 1500 total people attending here, so you get to know people pretty well. Being a small campus allows a student to really get to know their professors and have individualized help when it is needed.