Shorter University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Shorter is the excellent community of learners and educators that exist there. Students and teachers maintain an excellent rapport. Students are encouraged to try new things. Students are challenged to push themselves in order to grow academically. Teachers never expect less than their students' best. The campus maintains the high quality of a much larger school, while located in a small town community. Programs are designed to allow students to take part in community outreach activities, which will further prepare them for being positive contributors to society in life. Shorter is the best university around, period!


I feel that Shorter University always wants to the best for its students.


Coming in as freshman it was a small population, which i loved completely. Now that we are a University, there is a lot more people and it does not still have the small campus feel to it.


What I consider the best thing about Shorter is that the teachers genuinely care about you and your future. They are always there even after class hours, some even give you their home phone number to call if you need help. They are not there for research purposes but instead to see that you are able to one day achieve your dream. This is something you may not find at other schools. At Shorter you are an individual not a number.


The fact that it offers a night program