Siena Heights University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Siena Heights University? Why?


There is a separate price for e-books and hard books. It is nice to have both. I understand in order to chose a financial option that best fits individual needs there are e-books, used books and new books. Seeing that new books are the most expensive choice, an e-book feature should be included with every new book purchase to help students who on the go. Also, this may provide audio capabilities that hightens mastery of material.


The drama is the worst thing at our school. We basically live in a small town at Siena. If you can manage to stay out of the drama Siena is amazing.


For me, it's living off campus. I don't get to attend a lot of the activities that people on campus do just because of the commute.


The worst thing about Siena Heights is the RAs, there are a few that should probably be fired but they are not.


I believe that our school is run from the top down, which can negatively impact our school when the top is not running smoothly.