Siena Heights University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frusterating thing at Siena is the food. Benicasa is great for a week and then you get sick of it. We are getting a new Student Center open next year and it is going to have a full Starbucks and mongolian grill. The students are really excited.


I don't believe there is anything frustrating about my school in particular.


There is barely anything frustrating about my college. I don't think that I can think of anything but positive situations when it comes to my University. I have had no issues with professors or any classmates what so ever. I completely admire everyone I have came in contact with at my university. The classes are complex but not difficult by any means. I have learned more from these professors here at my University than I did in high school and my two year college put together. I would recommend this college to anyone who asked my opinion.


The most frustrating thing about the school is being able to pay for my education. I am always looking for ways to receive more money so I will be able to attend more classes to receive my degree sooner to support my family better with a well paying job. The staff that work a t Siena Heights U are all helpful and wiling to work towards meeting the students needs but the dollars are always a factor in my education.