Sierra College Top Questions

Describe the students at Sierra College.


My classmates are very friendly in the way they interact with eachother, encouraging when working in groups, and focused when they step in the classroom; the students are not disctracting and are all trying to rech a common goal, a great education.


My classmates are very young and impressionable without a true realization of life outside of college.


My classmates are all different in there ethnicity, ideas, and philosophy which in turn creates our conversations exciteing yet contiverial for the most part fun.


My classmates are: young ambitous people, older people escaping free time, and people wishing for advancement.


Every single classmate I have come across has been extremely eager to learn and discover new ideas from their classes.


My classmates are very welcoming, and a majority of them keep an open mind listening to others even though they are totally opposite in personality.


In most of my classes, the students usually are fully interested in the subject and they often are very communicative in the classroom.


The students at Sierra College are a highly diversified group of eager learners with representatives from every age group, ethnicity, and culture.


In college, there are a so many different types of people raging in age, race, and views on topics. It is intersting to hear so many different views from so many different people.


Easy going, but usually more conservative individuals.