Sierra College Top Questions

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My school is unique because hundreds of people across the world want to come to be educated here, and I have access to it as though it were in my backyard. It offers a broad scope of education without being overtly expensive. The students and the professors here are kind, supportive, imaginative, and innovative. Students at Sierra College are often looking for a second chance and as a result, are very focussed, positive, and determined. They work hard for everything they have, which is not something I consider common to all schools. Students at Sierra College succeed.


Sierra College is unique in it's mentality. I can count on all my professors to expect great work. When you are on campus you can feel that everyone has the same purpose: to do well. Most of the professors I've had know how to get you performing at your best and it is an incredibly rewarding feeling. You know that you have to work for your grades at Sierra College; but you also know you can do it every step of the way.


I would have to say that the deciding factor was cost of attendance. What with the price of tuition and books on the rise, it made sense to go to a school reputable for its lower prices. In addition to this, Sierra College in particular is well renowned as an excellent community college, and offers a guaranteed transfer program if certain requirements are met.


I think that the campus just looks nicer and has a better layout than the other junior colleges. The teachers are great and so are the other students.


I would say that Sierra College has a diverse campus. It's full of students from all different ethnic and culutral backgrounds. The school is functional not just for young students but for the ones returning to restart their education. I like how the campus is not big and confusing; I can get from class to class with out being late or getting lost.


The environment of Sierra College is so organic, so natural and down to earth, that it is very comfortable and easy to learn and study, but at the same time, if needed, it provides wonderful places to just relax and destress.


The tuition is less than many colleges. The campus isn't too large. The professors are excellent and concerned about the students.