Sierra College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A school where people make the most of what they are offered.


Sierra College is a wonderful learning enviroment with many amazing and dedicated professors who will do anything to make sure you are successful.


Sierra College is an affordable school that saves you tens of thousands of dollars while providing you with an intamite high quality education,


A want to be out-going, and busy school with not enough teachers or classes.


Sierra College is ill equiped to teach and prepare young adults for the demands of society.


Sierra Collage is clean, Helpful, and educational.


Sierra College is an excellent community college with a helpful staff that priovides the building blocks for one's future.


Sierra College is a gorgeous campus, full of greenery and foilage with the spaciousness that allows one to take a deep breath and really soak in the welcoming atmosphere.


Sierra College is a good stepping stone toward a university, and provides a great environment for learning.


My scholl does a good job for a smaller city.


Sierra College is a small, community college that gives a good education and makes going to college affordable.


Sierra College has a fairly large campus with nice landscaping and it is extremely economical.


Sierra College is a community college that has a lot to offer including great transfer programs, many degrees, excellent student services like financial aid and counseling, great ways to get involved like clubs and honor societies, and most importantly excellent classes with helpful and smart professors.

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