Sierra College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Sierra College?


When talk about school, I make sure that everyone is aware that it is a very well opperated college that assists you with finding financial aid and any other opportunities available to assist you with getting into the course you desire. They are also the one school that was able to offer me the course that I am interested in taking and at a affordable rate!


When I talke to my friends about my school, i will brag about the encouraging, friendly and academic environment that takes place. The school's facilities are very good, they have a place for every student, no matter what major, to succeed and get ahead academicly. They encourage their students to stay in shape and healthy from the gym and pool to the food that is available in the cafeteria. Plus, the views on campus are beautiful. Overall this campus has something for every type of student to succeed in the classroom and be happy everyday.


After many years in the work force, from age 19 to 24, I have finally returned to school. I am currently on the President's List, and continuing to surpass scholastic expectations.


How many cheap it is compared to going to universities right of high school. That you can recieve that same education and transfer to your desired school saving thousands of dollars a year in tuition.


I'd say ultimate convienience. There are 4 Sierra College campuses throughout the area. One in Truckee, one in Nevada County, one in Roseville, and the largest one in Rocklin. You are able to take classes at any of these locations without transfering credits because they belong to the same school! I would also brag about the amount of care that is taken into satistying students. From our fabulous health center to the cafeteria, the school looks out for their students and takes care of them to the best of their ablility.


I tend to brag about the teachers. At Sierra College the teaching staff is dedicated to helping the students succeed to their full potential. If I was struggleing in a class my teachers were always willing to help me before, during, or after class with whatever problems I had. If I ever felt that I was graded poorly on an assignment, my teachers were willing to discuss the problem and come to a fair descision. The teachers have a professional manner yet they are still able to relate with their students that allows for greater success in the classroom.


That I get all the benefits of a college for a very cheap cost. I tell my friends that I am able to transfer to more prestigous schools then if I had gone straight from high school and yet do not have to work multiple jobs or get student loans to pay for my first two years of my education. I tell them I still have every oppurtunity at my school that any four year offers.