Sierra College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Sierra College?


Anyone can attend this school, and I would definitely recommend it. Nothing prepares one for the future better than higher education. Anyone interested in continuing on to college, anyone who is unsure of whether or not they wish to attend college, and anyone who is unsure of what they wish to focus on in their educational career should attend this school.


Sierra College has a diverse group of students from age, ethnicity, majors, and athletics. Any type of person would like Sierra College because it's not that far away from the hills or the city. Sierra also offers free tutoring programs that are really taken to heart. I can't think of one person that would talk down about Sierra College because it has a little bit of everything.


Some one who has to work to support themselves either being an older adult or someone that doesnt have too much money avialable to them yet want to attend good colleges.


If you are a person who is financially set back, Sierra is good for you. With a wide variety of financial aid available and a low cost to attend, this college allows you to learn at a price that won't put you in debt. Even if you aren't severely strained financially, Sierra is a great way to save money before jumping into a larger university. If you are not sure of a major, Sierra is a great place to go to find out. Utillizing counseling and career resources help you to figure out your future.


The type of person that should attend Sierra should be a hard working student who is looking to acheive a goal successfully. There are many different educational routes that a person could take while attending Sierra. Therefore a person could attend if they have a specific goal in mind or if they need to search through the many different classes to find what catches their attention best.


Anybody can attend my school. Sierra College does not discriminate against race, age, size, disability, or social status. The type of person who should attend my school is the person who wants to learn the most. If a well educated person chose to take classes at my school, it would not be a challenge for them. If a student who was open minded and eager to learn new concepts attended my school, then they would benefit the most from being there.


Only people who are interested in learning skills to help them intellectually should attend a four year university and a two year. I know many people to do not have adequate skills and are still attending a two year university. They are spending money on a education but, they will not have enough skills to get hired at a better job. This is a major problem for people. Remember, that your skills set is imperitive for achieving a job. Not necessarily ones grades.