Sierra College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Sierra College?


A person who should not attend this school is someone who thinks that fraternities and sororitites are very important. If they value their socio-economic status and think they should be treated special because of it, then they should not attend here. Students who want to do lots of research alongside their professors, who expect to meet lots of guest speakers from big companies, and students who care to excell in liberal arts may not want to attend here.


someone who isn't hard working shouldn't attend.


who are ot eligible


Somebody that wants the true college experience, such as dorm life. Sierra is great for getting your general education completed at a fraction of a fraction of the cost of a university. The trade-off, however, is that most students will still be residing at home, and college will feel like High School: Part Two. Those that want to have crazy college stories or are not on a tight budget are better off going to a University.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend Sierra College would be the one who wouldn't want to learn because Sierra College is a gateway into a 4-year university without all the pressures and worries of moving away and taking out loans.


Sierra College is a good place to go if you are undecided on your major and want to "test the waters" and or save money. They have a good selection of classes for both general ed and specific majors. However, most classes are up to standard with 4-year schools and need work put into them to do well. Sierra is not a place for slackers!


Student's that are not willing to do the work and try. I know most people believe you can skate through community college, but honestly you still have to work and keep focused don't let yourself get too overwhelmed.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend Sierra are people who like to smoke or do drugs. Just recently, Sierra College has turned into a smoke-free campus, and the Rocklin Police are the campus security who are always busting many students for drug sales. Many people who smoke have changed schools or quite smoking. Furthermore, the contract Sierra has made with the Rocklin Police department has been significantly extended and increased, so more people who use and sell illegal substances will be caught, cited, and possibly expelled. The same goes for those who smoke on campus now.


I don't think anyone should not attend school, especially a two-year school. Two year schools are great opportunities to expand your education and explore the different areas of study that you find most interesting. Education helps expand your mind and view of the world, and shape you into a stronger and brighter person.


Someone who has shown no acedmic promise or desire to better their lives by attaining further education.