Sierra College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Sierra College?


The most frustrating thing about Sierra College ( Grass Valley) is the food. Most food on campus is not nutritionally up to code. The campus is infested with vending machines spitting out sodas that have enough sugar to last you a week, and bags of chips and candy. The cafateria has some alright meals, but many of them are meat and bread based meals, perfect for metabolisim crashes. You could argue that students could bring healthy lunches with them everyday, but most won't do that. As horrible as the food on campus is, it's fast, cheap, and convienent.


Well, the only frustration I have run into so far, is with my current drawing class. Some of the concepts I am being taught are a bit hard to grasp, being an online student.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of proffesionalism demonstrated by the staff. Many, if not most, of the professors and staff spend a large amount of class time expressing their personal views on a wide range of topics that are unrelated to the subject matter described in the course syllabus. Many times they try and force their views on the students, and if you do not agree you are belittled in front of your peers. I would prefer the professors to keep to the material described the the course guide.


The most frustrating problem that my school, Sierra College, faces currently is the demand of classes. We have 40+ students to one teacher as of now. California is now in a budget crisis where education funding has been cut drastically. Due to this development, my community college is limited on how many students may be in one classroom with one teacher. This has caused the demand for classes to rise, and the quantity of classes to fall. It is very hard to get the classes needed to graduate with the required 60 units to transfer to a university in California.


The most frustrating thing about Sierra College for me is the limited medical classes offered. They offer a nursing program that is on a lottery system and EMT courses, but no paramedic program.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the process of adding classes. It is challenging because there are many students who want to be enrolled in a class without previously registering. It is hard on the teacher because he or she must choose who to add into the class over another. This results in students not being able to take the classes they prefer. The solution to this problem is to register online for classes before the final deadline, so that the preferred classes will still be available.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of school pride. I understand that Sierra College is a community college, but there is no excuse not to respect the campus. People feel that it is ok to graffiti the bathrooms and leave their trash all over campus. On the up side, the campus is becoming smoke-free in January of 2010. I feel that students should have a bit more pride for their school.


There seem to be more students then there is room for in classes, and it's almost impossible to get the schedule you need. It is very important to not rely on drop-ins, because you will most likely be competing with at least twenty other students to get that class.


The most frustrating thing was being totally confused and not knowing who to talk to, what to do, or how to explain it. I chose a community college because I had no idea what major I wanted to pursue. Although I met with counselors before the beginning of each semester, I felt like they couldn?t help me as much because I couldn?t tell them what I wanted. So by mid-semester I?d become frustrated as to why I?m taking a certain class and why I?m not figuring things out like I thought I would.


The students who don't care and are just attending to waste space. It is a community college and most kids there are not serious. That is very frustrating to someone like me who is very serious about school and excelling. Many of the students in my classes probably will not attend a University or graduate. Sitting in a class where half of the students don't care, is very frustrating.