Simpson College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Simpson is a smaller college, class sizes aren't any larger then 40 students and the teachers always know your name; it is a very close community of students and when you finish school at Simpson you will probably know most of the students in your graduating class.


A fun spirited school where people really care about your well-being.


This school is much like a typical small town in Iowa, nothing to do.


Simpson College is a great liberal school where one can get a great education and meet lots of people.


Simpson is a community which helps students through the transition out of high school with student and professor support.


My school makes me want to be a teacher, because with the professors that I have had, I would only want to be like them.


My school is actually more of a community than a school--it focuses on community service and helping each other and getting to know each other; it's small enough to recognize almost all other students on campus but big enough where there is diversity in the people you see (not racial diversity).


My school has a beautiful campus, small class sizes, great friendships, and academic opportunities.


Enjoyable and friendly classes with a small campus in a small town only 20 minutes from a big city which makes things easily acessable.


Beautiful in the winter and fall and very friendly people.

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