Simpson College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Simpson is best knows for the number of their students that actually receive their degree.


My school is best known for the ability to allow students to get involved with the campus, community, and academics. Simpson does a great job at creating a community along with getting everyone involved with making not only the campus better but the community as well. If you like a community feeling where everyone looks after one another, Simpson is the place for you. Onc can also get involved very easily on the Simpson campus allowing for opportunites to expand in multiple areas, especially your academic future.


I think that my school is best known for the small campus feel and you know most of the people on the campus. It is very good about getting students involved and the admissions counselors really talk to you after your there and make sure that you feel at home and if there is anything that you know then they will try to help out as much as possible. I think that our school is really know for athletes coming to play here. A huge percent of our campus residents are athletes.


Simpson is adored for its beautiful campus but probably best known for its fine art, pyschology, sociology, math and education department's plentiful opportunities and superior reputation. It has honorable professors in each of these fields who thrive on these subjects and offering their students the grandest, most complete, well-rounded educational experience.


Simpson is probably best known for small classes, lots of one on one with teachers, small town feel but near the capital of Iowa so there is always something to do. It is a great place to go because it is unlike anything you will ever be part of.


Music and theatre.

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